Animal Success Stories

Success Stories

We are very pleased to share the story of our dog’s forever home and to know that we helped guide these dogs into a bright future. Each and every creature deserves to be appreciated and loved. That is what rescue work is all about.

We LOVE photos of how our Mo-Kan Alumni are doing!  Please send us photos and a short update on how you are all doing!
Please include when adopted and if they were listed under a former name.
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Walton (Adopted 12/2022) 


Wallaby (Adopted 11/2022)

Wallaby had found his forever home!  He has a fur-brother Shiloh!

Willow (2022)

Willow (Adopted 8/2022)

Willow has absolutely found her happily ever after!!

She is already so loved by her mom, who anxiously awaited the day she could bring her sweet 'Willow Sprout' home.  And Willow fit in right away with her two furry siblings, Bug & Fin, because it's just impossible not to love Willow!! There is so much fun ahead for her, and she truly deserves this new life.

Be happy and stay sweet, Funny Willow Girl! 



Waylon (adopted 10/2021)

Travis and Tal are thrilled to welcome sweet Waylon into his forever home. They have all hit the jackpot! Waylon will have a new brother Duke to play, a huge farm to run and explore, and a stay at home mom that will be sure he gets plenty of attention. His new dad Travis thinks he is pretty special too!

Here is Waylon and his family on their most recent hiking adventure at the “Little Grand Canyon”



Wren (adopted 11/2006)

Wren was adopted by Paul and Beck in Sain Louis. They say of Wren:

"Wren seems to be having a great time. We have a milk crate with stuffed toys etc, and she goes over and pulls some out to play with. We have a few with long arms and legs that she likes to swing about. She is enjoying the yard as the pool, trees and bushes provide things to run around and she chases and is chased by the other two, as well as squirrels and rabbits to chase. She is getting used to having her feet wiped when she comes in and does comes in easily when called. Becky went into our bedroom the other day and said that Gwynedd and Wren were sleeping on the same dog bed. She likes the dog chews that are out, especially the big one that she likes to pick up and drop on the hardwood floor up stairs. She is not sure about the milkbone biscuits and we have to play a bit to get her to eat them. She is eating well and drinks a lot. She is also learning to brush her teeth but that is taking a bit longer.

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