Animal Success Stories

Success Stories

We are very pleased to share the story of our dog’s forever home and to know that we helped guide these dogs into a bright future. Each and every creature deserves to be appreciated and loved. That is what rescue work is all about.

We LOVE photos of how our Mo-Kan Alumni are doing!  Please send us photos and a short update on how you are all doing!
Please include when adopted and if they were listed under a former name.
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Otter - Adopted 10/2020

Otter is a special needs dog that needed a very special family. Lori and Michael just lost their senior blind, deaf Aussie this summer. They really wanted to adopt a special needs dog to give them a wonderful home. They were captured by Otter’s bio. They fell in love on the website and hearing about him. They are the absolute perfect family, committed to giving him opportunities to let Otter reach his potential, but most of all love him unconditionally. PERFECT MATCH!

Hank (2020)

Hank - Adopted 10/2020

Hank found his forever home today. His perfect family with kids he adores and plenty of people to play fetch with him. Happy tails, Hank!


Squeaks - now Grace (adopted 10/2020)

Grace is a great fit for our family and we are excited to start new adventures with her.  Grace will have a fur sister, Rizzo.

Thank you for the great experience!


Missy (2019-2)

Missy (adopted 2/2020) 

Missy's family wanted to convey their deepest gratitude to all the MoKan volunteers that helped with her rescue journey and ultimately into their family. She fits in perfectly!


Jagger - now Jasper (adopted 6/2020)

Jasper, formerly Jagger, is such a great companion. He got to meet all of my grandchildren, and they LOVED each other. Their favorite activity was playing soccer with him, and they all cheered when they could get a ball past him, which didn’t happen often. Thank you, Mo-KAN, for pairing me up with such a great dog! I love him!

Becky B.

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