The purpose of Richard's Fund is simple: To honor the memory of Richard Stitt, his love for dogs (especially his beloved border collies), and the rescue work he did through his life.  We do this by providing medical funding for border collies in need, in order to save their life or significantly improve their lives. 

Richard's beloved Gus is a Mo-Kan alum who was born with a heart condition.  Gus received life-saving medical care after donations were gathered from Mo-Kan supporters to pay for heart surgery.  The surgery was performed at MU Veterinary Health Center, and Gus is now healthy, happy, and loved like crazy.

To honor Richard's memory, the fund now exists to help produce the same wonderful outcome for other dogs in need.  The fund receives support from Richard's estate and from donations from Mo-Kan supporters: Every dollar that is donated to Richard's Fund is matched, dollar for dollar, by Richard's estate, up to $10,000 annually. 

 A candidate for fund support is:

 - A dog needing rescue but expected to have medical costs that may be beyond what the rescue could otherwise provide for.
- A dog already in rescue that develops a medical issue with anticipated exorbitant medical costs.

Please consider helping us to help more dogs in need, so they can live their lives happy, healthy, and loved.  Richard thanks you, and so do we.

If you would like to donate to Richard's Fund, please use this Paypal donate button or if you wish to send a check please email for instructions.



Mo-Kan Dogs who have had their medical expenses funded by Richard's Fund


Star - 2024

Sweet Star was presumably hit by a car and sustained multiple injuries.

Star has a fracture around her elbow with some of the bone being sheared off. She has a deep wound around her elbow and a foot injury. She also had a partially collapsed lung. She was seen immediately by the orthopedic surgeon at University of Missouri and had surgery.  The cost estimate for her surgery is $4000-4200.



Nemo - 2023

Nemo, was a severely injured, and very sick BC we brought into rescue early November. Nemo was rescued in rural Mo. where he had emergency treatment for a severe gash on his right leg, and paw, cut almost to the tendon and bone. Care providers think it may have been from a steel trap, or barbed wire. He was on his own for almost a month before rescue. He was transported to the KC area for urgent need of specialty wound care, infection, and severe pain, at Blue Pearl Specialty Emergency Service Hospital. For several days, the team wasn’t sure his leg could be saved, amputation was a possibility. The outpouring of concern, love, and monetary help for Nemo from people near and far has been overwhelming, and we are all so very thankful!

Nemo has required antibiotics, heavy pain medication, careful monitoring, restricted activity, and daily, special dressing changes at Blue Pearl.  A big thank you  to the generous Richard’s fund to help cover his extensive medical bills during his treatment and recovery.  

After 4 weeks the team at Blue Pearl is thrilled with his recovery!!!  His massive dressing is now gone, the leg wounds almost completely healed! Nemo now RUNS, in the backyard with his foster brother with no activity restriction! He loves being outside and basking in the warm sunshine.

We are so thankful for the Rescue community, volunteers, fosters, transporters, veterinary care teams, and all those that support us every day, and on these particularly difficult cases.


Update:  See Nemo's webpage!  He's doing great!  

Ace - 2023

Ace is a 4-5 year old male that was found in an abandoned house along with 40 other animals. He came into rescue in pretty bad shape, just skin and bones, ear infection, and poor coat quality with severe flea infestation. His most serious health concern, however, is that he is positive for Heartworm. Left untreated, it would eventually kill Ace. This disease is easily prevented with a yearly injection or monthly tablet. He has probably never had any vet care in his life.

Thanks to Richard’s Fund, Ace will receive the expensive, sometimes painful, treatment to kill the Heartworms. It is a long 3 months of medication, injections, and activity restriction, with lots of crate rest. The medication he receives to kill the heartworms make him feel ill at times. Once treated, Ace can take walks, run and play with his foster siblings, and live the life he deserves with his family.

Ace is happy, sweet, gentle, calm, affectionate, and loves every person and dog he has met. His foster mom and dad say he is the sweetest and most affectionate of any foster they have ever had. He is adapting well to all comforts of home, with all the love, food and bones. He is friendly to all people and dogs, and loves attention!



Mann - 2023

Mann came to rescue when his owners could no longer keep up with his medical needs but wanted to give him a chance at a pain free life.  Mann had a tumor that was eating away at his tarsal joint causing him a lot of pain and ultimately the inability to use his leg. 

Thanks to the generous Richard’s fund Mann was able to get the proper diagnostics needed to create a treatment plan and get a prognosis for his disease.  Mann had excellent pre-op test results and the leg was amputated to eliminate both the pain and the cancer.  The final report was a grade 2 soft tissue sarcoma which means Mann has an 80% chance of living the rest of his life cancer free!

 Mann was adopted by a long time MOKAN member and will have a great life full of love, attention, and long walks on the farm.

Thanks so much to the wonderful people at MOKAN and Richard’s Fund for giving this wonderfully sweet boy a future!

Paige - 2022

Paige joined us from an overcrowded shelter in MO. Happy and seemingly healthy, she was thriving in her foster home. Suddenly, she became acutely ill with neurologic symptoms and went to the vet urgently. She is receiving treatment, though a definite diagnosis is yet to be made. She will be seeing a neurologist and likely require an MRI. We will do whatever is necessary for this sweet girl.

Update 12/2022 

Paige was discharged from Iowa State Hospital on December 20th. She had a full evaluation, including bloodwork, chest x-ray, MRI scan of her brain, lumbar puncture, internal medicine, and neurology consultation.

No tumor was found and no signs of infection. We are still waiting on the neurology consultation from University of Wisconsin. At this time, Paige is doing better with improved balance, decreased dizziness, and vomiting. She’s back home with her amazing foster mom.

Our bill for Paige’s evaluation is over $4000. Richard’s Fund has provided the funding for Paige.  Thank you to all that contributed to the fund!