Our Adoption Process

Mo-Kan Border Collie Rescue is composed of volunteers who give their time, energy and open their homes to unwanted and abandoned border collies in order to find them loving and safe permanent homes.

Timeframe:  The adoption process normally takes at least 2 weeks to complete. Also know that the dog that you may be interested in might already have an application pending or may not be the right dog for you. We are very careful to match the appropriate dog with the appropriate family. We feel that is a very important part of the process in ensuring our dogs find their permanent homes.

Cost:  The adoption donation of $300 is used to cover the costs of caring for the rescued dogs and includes things such as medical expenses and shelter adoption fees. All potential adopters are required to complete our adoption application as part of the adoption process.

Step 1: On line Application   
While filling out your application, please provide enough information so that we can assess what characteristics in our dogs may be a good match for you (e.g., temperament, activity level, and types of activities you enjoy). Even though you are interested in a specific dog, there may be others that more closely meet your needs. Remember that we take in dogs frequently and some newer dogs are not yet on our website.

Step 2: Vet & Reference Checks
We will check your references and your Vet records as listed on your application, please include the their most reachable phone numbers.

Step 3: Home Visit
After we have talked with you and decided that we can help you to find a dog, we will arrange for a home visit. The purpose of this visit is two-fold: to ensure a healthy, safe environment for our dogs, and to ensure that we match you with a dog that fits your living style.

Step 4: Meet the Dogs
After the home visit, the fun begins: meeting the dogs. Please remember that you may not have been the only family that put in an application for a particular dog. Our dogs will be placed with the best match for that individual dog. We encourage the meeting take place at the foster’s house or a mutually agreed upon location. The goal is to see how the dog gets along with your family and any other pets. This step may take days or even weeks for you to find the right dog for your home. And always we will recommend dogs that we believe will match you and your lifestyle and all the members of your family (human or animal).

Step 5: Adoption
The last step in the process is for you to adopt one of the dogs. We believe that adoption is a lifetime commitment, we have a three week adjustment period where we stay in touch to see how the dog is fitting in with your home.  Please remember that a new home is a big adjustment for your dog, too, so being patient while providing good consistency and basic training will help your dog feel secure.

Step 6: A Happy Life Together
Please don’t forget us once you and your dog are happily adjusted to life together. Some of our past adopters decide they want to volunteer (even become a foster home). We love to hear stories about our dogs, especially the foster families who loved and cared for your dog while on its journey to meet you. Photos of happy border collies enjoying their lives are particularly welcomed. And we’re here for you too…for help with training challenges, advice on ongoing care, how to get involved in dog sports and other activities that border collies enjoy.