Animal Success Stories

Success Stories

We are very pleased to share the story of our dog’s forever home and to know that we helped guide these dogs into a bright future. Each and every creature deserves to be appreciated and loved. That is what rescue work is all about.

We LOVE photos of how our Mo-Kan Alumni are doing!  Please send us photos and a short update on how you are all doing!
Please include when adopted and if they were listed under a former name.
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Rip (Adopted 6/2023)

Handsome Boy Rip, the last of Keira's litter, has been adopted!

This sweet puppy has joined an absolutely wonderful family who have so much planned for him! He will live a very active life, with a ton of outdoor fun and an entire neighborhood who anxiously awaited his arrival. So much excitement!

Rip was immediately in tune and aware of 'his person', and she made sure he wasn't sad the first night away from his foster home...lots & lots of puppy love.

Nothing but amazing things lie ahead for this handsome boy who has most certainly found his happily ever after! 


Ruby (Adopted 08/2022)

Ruby greeted her new mom as a long lost friend with tail wags!  Ruby’s will get to go along with her new mom during field classes on flower identification.  And she will be living the good life on an 80 acre farm.  Way to go Ruby!


Riley (Adopted 6/2022)

Miss Riley found her forever home! After testing positive for heartworms in December, she's had a long road to recovery. Keeping a border collie calm with restricted activity during treatment is definitely a challenge, but she was a trooper through the whole process. Riley is excited to go on lots of new adventures and will have an AMAZING life with her new family!

Rosie (2022)

Rosie (Adopted 3/2022)

Stella's (aka Rosie) Gotcha Day! Carolyn and Jim fell in love with her right away, and she them. Stella is going to have an amazing life!


Rocko (Adopted 12/2021) 

Rocko and his new family!

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