Animal Success Stories

Success Stories

We are very pleased to share the story of our dog’s forever home and to know that we helped guide these dogs into a bright future. Each and every creature deserves to be appreciated and loved. That is what rescue work is all about.

We LOVE photos of how our Mo-Kan Alumni are doing!  Please send us photos and a short update on how you are all doing!
Please include when adopted and if they were listed under a former name.
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Lark (Adopted 7/2021)

Little Lark has been adopted!  She greeted her new family with love and enthusiasm, not to mention wiggles and kisses.  The family had recently lost their boxer of 12 years, leaving a hole in the home.

They initially found Lark on Pet Finder.  They all agreed that she was the pup they wanted to adopt.  The more we talked, and the more pictures I sent, the more convinced they were that Lark was for them.  They were right!  Congratulations Lark and your new family!

(There was some discussion about who would be the first to have her sleep with them!)


Liam (adopted November 2018) found his forever home!

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