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Dogtoberfest 2019
(3 pictures)

Booth at Dogtoberfest in Blue Spring Mo. Thank you to Robin, Kim, Karen, Diane and Tiffany for helping out!

Treats Unleashed Pet Expo - 2019
(3 pictures)

We had a wonderful day at Treats Unleashed in Columbia Mo. We had a lot of people come by and some potential new Fosters, volunteers.

MoKanBCR Booth 3/16/2019
(5 pictures)

MoKanBCR Booth at Bentley's Pet Stuff in Olathe KS

2009 Reunion
(1 picture)

We had 106 people, 83 dogs and 57 families. The dogs had a blast swimming in the pond and running flat out over the pasture.

Missouri Stockdog Trials - 2010
(2 pictures)

The Missouri Stock Dog Trials were held in Springfield, Mo. Thanks to Cheri, Nicki and Barbie for having a MKBCR table!

Dogtoberfest 2018
(1 picture)

Dogtoberfest 2018