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Success Stories 2006

Luke is an approximately 1 year old male BC stray found in southwest MO. He is a very sweet boy who is outgoing and loves people. He has a lot of energy and like most BCs enjoys playing ball. He already walks well on a leash and his rescuer is teaching him basic commands such as sit. He weighs 45-50 pounds. He will need room to run and someone with time to play with him, and he has lots of love to give in return.

Luke is such a sweet teddy bear! He loves people and other animals alike. He would really enjoy having another dog to play with, but would also probably be content to have all the attention to himself. His loving personality and adorable looks make him hard to resist. He has shown interest in cattle. Luke will thrive in a home with lots of love, attention and activity.

January 2006


Luke's success story will be coming soon!


Molly is 2 years old, about 35 pounds, prick eared, and is a little underweight. Her coat is medium length, and she loves to be groomed. She is afraid of loud noises and adult strangers, particularly men, but does not bark nearly as much as the other dog in the house. She is an alpha dog and quickly let my my much older and bigger male border know that. Molly is very affectionate to her foster mom and the other human in the house, an 8 year old boy. She shows eye, and has been responsive to beginning obedience training. She has potential to be a good agility dog. She needs attention, socialization and something meaningful to do, and would be a loving addition to the right family, but probably should be the only dog in the house or with a submissive dog.

January 2006


Susan of Columbia adopted Molly. Her success story will be coming soon!


Did you know that Border collies come in colors other than black and white? Knight is a beautiful example of the rarer tri-color Border collie. He is a two year old purebred that his foster mother describes as a near perfect dog.

Knight came into rescue as the result of a divorce and has no “issues” to speak of. He loves to play fetch; he gets along famously with kids (not always the case with Border collies) and also does well with other dogs. He has an excellent recall and knows how to walk nicely on a leash, as well as all of his obedience commands. He is full of energy and his foster mother believes he would be an outstanding flyball or agility dog. But he also loves to cuddle and everyone who meets him falls in love with this guy!

Knight has it all! He is beautiful, has a wonderful temperament and is intelligent and very biddable. For more information on tri-colored border collies, please visit:

Knight's Angels are John and Renna Houghton and Nellie

January 2006


Knight is doing wonderful, and LOVES his house sister Cookies and house bird friend Popeye, he looks like he's not sure of the bird Popeye. He has multiple tennis balls to play with and spends the days playing with Barbara, Cookie and family.


Dan has been nicknamed “upside-down” because he appears to be born with his Border collie strip underneath his chin instead of on top of his head! Dan is a fabulous 10 month old rough coat neutered male. He has a beautiful soft, black and white fluffy coat that has a silky sheen to it. A few of his paws have a brindle coat which is very pretty. He weights about 43 lbs and is an average size border collie.

Dan was an owner relinquish from the Jefferson City area. He has received a clean bill of health from the vet in that area. He is completely house broken and crate trained. In the evenings, he likes to curl up on the bed for a calm pat before bedtime. He knows sit and down. We are working on a leash which Dan has taken to very quickly. He is so excited when I put my coat on or when I get out the leash. Everything is new and exciting to Dan. He is a very “happy go lucky” dog that blended right in with my two male border collies. All three of the dogs eat in my small kitchen and there are no growls even when one of my dogs reaches in for a taste of Dan’s food. He pretty much ignores the cat so he should do well with other animals or children.

Dan loves to run with my dogs outside and really makes me laugh when he gets excited because he jumps straight up in the air. The good news is he doesn’t jump on you! He plays with his toys inside and loves to chew on his rawhides. He has not picked up anything else that was not a dog toy. We are learning to play fetch and with his leaping ability, Frisbee should be a great recreation for Dan. He has been so easy to train that agility should be an easy task for him as well. Remember, Dan is 10 months old puppy still so it has been fun to watch him learn so quickly.

Dan would make a great addition to anyone’s family. He really is a very happy puppy that is looking for a happy home


January 2006


Dan kna Rowdy was adopted by Amy from Michigan. She had previously adopted Meg kna Maggie from us. Maggie was a tough girl to train but Amy has hung in there and she is now a beautiful girl who obviously loves her mom. Rowdy seems the ideal brother and Amy has just completed obedience classes with him. BTW-Amy's dogs get to go to Amy's parents farm where they run and swim until exhausted! Thank you Amy you are one of our jewels!

Rowdy and Maggie


Lucy is the dog that many people REALLY want when they think they want a Border collie. Unlike many Border collies who are high octane and really want to work-work-work, Lucy, just wants to be your best friend and is quite the cuddle girl. She thinks the best thing in life is to be on your lap or beside you. She is tiny, weighing less than 30 pounds and her age is estimated to be around 10 to 12 months. She plays well in the yard with her foster mother's other dogs and likes to play with the dog friendly cat of the house. She is housetrained when supervised and has learned how to sit on command. She does learn quickly but had a limited world before being rescued from a pound in Iowa. She had apparently never been exposed to toys and is just now trying to make sense of what you do with them. She's not crazy about posing for the camera--she's much prettier than her pictures show. She needs to have her confidence built up with a lot of attention and learning the rest of her obedience commands in a class would really help her self-esteem. This is a wonderful girl who doesn't need to play flyball, herd or do agility but instead needs a gentle hand and someone who enjoys having their dog near them and wants to teach her the rest of what she desperately wants to know. She is the type of dog that will form a very tight bond with her people and the type of dog that would eventually make a wonderful therapy dog due to her gentle nature.

January 2006


Lucy, now Emma, was aadopted by Lacy in Columbia.

Whynn is a great girl! She is still the sweet, 10 month old girl she has been since her first day here. She romps with her foster brothers but is respectful of when they don't want to give up a toy. While Whynn can come off fairly *in charge*, she will be submissive when reprimanded by the other dogs. Whynn likes to chase the frisbee but likes it better when you chase her while she carries the frisbee. She will play with the rope bones, busy ball and other toys but her favorite toy is a tennis ball. She is easy on cats but does show an interest in them. With her soft,big, brown eyes and smiling face, along with her sweet demeanor, Whynn is one wonderful girl. She walks gently on a leash, knows sit and down, is quiet in her kennel....She's a real gem!

January 2006


Whynn's success story will be coming soon!

Addicus What’s an ideal dog? Most of us would agree that he would be housetrained, would get along well with people of all ages and other dogs, and wouldn’t eat the house as well as being affectionate. Addicus is all of the above and more. First of all he is a very small Border collie, only 19 lbs. Secondly, he is eager to learn and please and thirdly, he is one of cutest most lovable little guys you would ever want to meet.

He loves fetch, playing with other dogs and cuddling with his people. He is crate trained or would be thrilled to sleep in his people’s bed. His experience of being separated from his family has left him with little confidence though. He seems to worry that he will make a mistake. He has no way of understanding that he was taken to a shelter because a divorce was taking place. So new situations and people frighten him until his foster parents reassure him that all is safe and they aren’t going to leave him

His new family will need to help him regain his confidence by exposing him slowly to new situations and people. With their patience, Addicus will become as close to an ideal dog as one could find anywhere.

February 2006


Atticus was adopted by Doug and Rhonda of St. Mary's, KS. They tell us that his confidence has grown and he is the official greeting dog for their neighborhood and LOVES the golf cart!

Update: 12/06

I can't believe that we have had him over a year. We have seen a lot of growth in him. He was pretty timid when we adopted him...often shying in the corner and hesitant around new people/situations. He has become much more confidant. The only thing he'll back down from is our jack russell terrier, Murphy. Murphy is 9 yrs old but he lets Addicus know who is really
in control. Murphy will tolerate his hyperactivity for so long and then lets him know to cool it. As for other dogs, Addicus does not play well with others. He has a very dominant personality around any other dog, except Murphy. He is also protective of us when someone new comes in the
house. He has certainly found his bark. If we run in the house, he runs after us, barking, all the while trying to get his footing on the hard wood
floors.....it is quite a site. One thing we're still working on is getting him into the shower. Once he is in there, he loves it. He'll even come
stand outside the shower when one of us is in there......and even come in with the water running. But to get him in there for his, is a different
story. He still likes to sleep under the bed, although has come out recently and begun sleeping next to the bed. If he had his preference, he'd be in the bed with my husband and I. He has taken a liking to me, vs. my husband and 15 yr. old son. Wherever I go, Addicus (and Murphy) are right there. No going to the bathroom in privacy..........ever. He never follows my husband, and I can sense a little jealousy, although he'd never admit it. He is quite the cuddler and will wedge his way to be next to me anyway he can. Also, he'll lick non-stop. He'll lay in front of the fire
to get warm, after being out in the snow, of which he loves to play in. I could go on and on, as he has brought such character and entertainment to
our home. I can walk him without a leash in our neighborhood as he stays close, or comes directly back when called. I leave him outside,
'unsupervised' without fear and he knows his boundaries, despite no fences. He is now up to 32.5 pounds but is still tall and skinny. He is pretty to watch when he runs. Ok, enough bragging for now. Thank you MOKAN. The Flerlages

Addicus and his new family!

(Notice her unique marking of the woodpecker on her side!)

Jezzie is as loyal a dog as you could hope to find. A smooth coated BC, Jezzie is under 2 years old, house-, crate- and basic obedience trained. She is bright, affectionate, able to entertain herself by throwing the ball in the air and catching it if no one else is available to play, eager to please, and Very Athletic. She LOVES to play ball, frisbee and attend agility class. If you have always wanted to try your hand at agility or trick training , obedience or freestyle, this may be the dog for you. Jezzie is even more striking in person than in her pictures, and did you notice the silhouette of a woodpecker on her side?

Jezzie has come a long way. When she came to us she was wary of strangers and needed tutoring on her dog/dog socialization skills and while she has made impressive and consistent progress, she still has room to learn. A savvy adopter would be a blessing for her and would be rewarded with her displaying all of her cutest tricks if she thinks there might be a treat in it for her! And these tricks so far include wave, bow, spin, catch and playing dead to name a few.

Like her namesake, Jezebel wants to be the queen, and if going to a multi-dog home, should be placed with submissive dogs, preferable males. Older children who can throw the ball throw the ball throw the ball and are capable of taking part in her training would probably be just fine.

February 2006


Jezzie kna Lizzie was adopted by Dan and Cheryl and their daughter Jessie and son Zach. Lizzie has already shown her stuff at the beginning agility class and is jogging with Dan daily.


Gus is a 5-year old neutered male BC mix. He is a mellow dog that loves his humans. He has spent lots of time around small children (babies to toddler age) and is very patient. He is an inside / outside dog and loves to be petted. He is fully housetrained and sleeps loose in the house at night. He knows Sit, Down, Shake, Come (although he isn't 100% consistent on Come) and No. He defers to the alpha dogs he has been around. Gus will chase a ball and will sometimes bring it back, but part of the game to him is for you to come get it. : ) He LOVES to chase squirrels, but has never caught one. He likes the water, but mainly for soaking in to cool off in the heat of summer. He has his own plastic baby pool just for soaking!

Gus' Angels are Joni and Alan Godsy



February 2006

Gus' success story will be coming soon!


Zoey is a wonderful two year-old girl who is smart, fun-loving, and loves to cuddle. She loves to play with toys, especially if they squeak. This girl not only will have a rousing game by herself, but will play with two toys at once. She likes balls and will get one on command, however she doesn’t understand why she should then give it up. She loves to play with cats, but is less sure of other dogs. Being a border collie she is, of course, very smart. Zoey is housetrained and crate trained and responds well to sit, down and come and she is eager to learn more. She has been a jogging partner and would likely excel at flyball and agility. Zoey loves to be with people (she prefers older kids) and knows how to tilt her beautifiul head just so to get an extra pet. Zoey is approximatley 21 inches tall and is working hard to lose a few extra pounds. Her gorgeouls markings draw you to her initially and her winning personality makes you fall in love.

February 2006


Zoey was adopted by Peggy and Lee in Cleveland, Mo. Zoey will have a new companion Sparky (dog), 2 cats and a pony to keep company.

Update - Feb 2006: Zoey has been keeping us very busy. She has adapted well. The first day she kept going to the car to let us know that she has had a nice visit but it was time to go home. She settled down pretty fast and has gotten along well with Sparky and Relay (my inside kitty) Sparky has a calming effect on her (he doesn't have any interest in her toys or chew bones!) Relay had to establish that she was the queen of the house and Zoey was merely a princess. They are both getting comfortable around each other and we haven't had any problems at night (both sleep in our room at night- Zoey only slept in her crate in our room the first night and now sleeps on the floor beside the bed) We take a quick 10 minute walk in the mornings around our property before I leave for work and have been walking the deer trails along our creek in the afternoons. There is so much to smell - deer, turkeys, squirrels, rabbits and coyotes! She likes going in the creek and each time goes a little deeper and dips her face in the water. I have a feeling she will be swimming by the time warm weather gets here. I see what you mean about her playing with 2 (or more) toys. She has a stuffed squeaky frog that she likes to chew on and squeak while she plays soccer with her tennis ball all over the house. She is so sweet and smart. She isn't quite sure that horses only eat grass and not dogs, but likes to go with me to feed Bo. I usually attach her leash to the horse trailer while I go in the paddock and I have been working on "stay". She is doing pretty good - I have a retractable leash and the last time she only needed to be sent back once. She really wants to please and does really well with praise and petting (as well as treats) as a reward for doing well. Yesterday evening she was looking out the window and saw a truck slow down in front of our house to let another car pass by and she let out a couple of low barks. I took that as a sign that she feels like this is her territory now and we are her people. We sure feel that she is part of the family and can't imagine what life would be without her now. It is hard to go to work and leave her - I am looking forward to the summer when I can be home all day. I really appreciate all the work you have done with her - I'm sure you are a big part of the reason why she is so well behaved and affectionate. Well, a nose under my arm has told me that I have spent enough time at the computer and it is time to play before we go to bed.

Maggie having a blast in the snow!!!


Maggie is a smooth coated nine month old Border collie with a lovely disposition and beautiful intelligent eyes that seem to look deep into you. She gets along beautifully with everyone, dogs, people, and cats. She is house trained and has amazed her foster mother with how quickly and eagerly she learns new things. She loves to play and has the kind of energy that is a joy to watch as she plays with the other dogs, chases toys and learns her obedience commands. She seems to soak up every thing her foster mother teaches her always eager for more. At the same time she is an affectionate girl-loving to be cuddled.

Here in the Midwest only savvy Border collie people know how wonderful a smooth coated Border collie can be. Many people with working BCs would have nothing else as their fur doesn't capture all the weed seeds and mud. When one watches a well conditioned smooth coated BC in action it truly a stunning site as you can view their amazing fine tuned musculature as they turn on dime, leap into the air or stretch out running.

Maggie is now ready to go to her permanent home and she will be a difficult girl to give up. She needs an active home with a new family that wants to be amazed by what this girl can accomplish. As with most Border collies she should go to a home with older children only as she does have strong herding instincts and would herd the little ones and their friends. that wants to help this very special girl to reach her full potential.


February 2006


Maggie was adopted by Sue and her husband and their Weimariner Lila. Sue says of Maggie " Thank you so much for getting her out of that shelter and keeping her safe! She deserves SO much better... she's really such a good girl in her heart. As for us, I'm starting to think of her as Lila's and my personal trainer. :-) "

March 2006: Really, she is wonderful for Lila and vice versa. They are getting tons of exercise and stimulation from each other. I am just about over worrying that the play-fighting / wrestling will go wrong, although Maggie is not one to give in. (I think Lila is trying to teach her the system of taking turns.) Anyway, I'll have them out for 45 min during which Maggie does a lot of running, alternating playing with me and Lila. Then I'll bring them inside and they'll wrestle vigorously for another 40 min! And we do at least that twice per day, plus some training and jobs around the house. One night I had trouble waking Maggie up to go upstairs to bed! I've never seen a dog do that before... I was calling her name and shaking her with no response!?! It took a few minutes and then her eyes half opened, slowly rolled around in her head, and she finally came awake! I was so proud of myself. :-) During quiet times she either sleeps or chews contentedly. I switched her food. She kept urping up small amounts of the Iams.. even 4 hours after eating.. and it looked the same as when it went in. She's on Innova now with Prozyme added and though eating less, she's putting on some weight and her coat is looking better. No more urping.

Of course she has lots of things yet to learn to be a model citizen but she seems to learn fast and be very cooperative. I am sure we'll get everything straightened out in time. She has some fears we need to work on (brushes!?, vacuum, dustbuster, long sticks) and separation anxiety too. But Maggie already seems much more at ease with her role here. We've done a little obedience and agility work and I can see that Maggie will really enjoy working. She "comes alive" when she has my full attention, I'm waiting for her to do something, and she is "on stage"! I'm anxious to get her into a class situation... She'll be in the next available beginners obedience. I almost enrolled her in freestyle dance, but I think she'll do better in obedience first, where there's a clearer division between the desired behavior and undersired behaviors. Should be a lot of fun and she'll learn to read me and trust me more. (I've learned to do my own thing in OB classes when they get too repetitive or too demanding for the dog, so don't worry... I'll try to make sure Maggie thinks it's way fun.) I haven't forgotten about the pictures! It's just that I seem to have a lot less free time lately. :-) Sue

Maggie and Lila!
Maggie finished pre-novice obedience. She truly does an excellent job in class and really likes it. One thing I get a big kick out of is when I have her sitting straight in front of me... She has her tail out straight behind her and can wag just the last 5 inches of it quickly back and forth on the floor while she looks at me excitedly... it is so funny & cute.
Thanks again for everything you did for her. She is a wonderful dog.



Meet Carson – isn’t he gorgeous? He’s a red Border Collie, an unusual, but recognized color. He’s about 4 years old, has a medium length coat, is crate trained and house broken. He loves to go for walks and know a few basic commands (sit, down, get in your crate). He will quickly learn anything else you want to teach him because he is FOOD MOTIVATED.

Carson loves people, strangers & family alike and often comes to me and lays his head in my lap for attention. He is usually calm in the house, but is very curious about the cats. He doesn’t want to hurt them but would really like them to run away so he could herd them. I sometimes have to disrupt this "game" and make everyone take a time out. Carson’s best forever home would not have house cats. He has started to play with toys more often and loves to run and play with my Border Collie.

Carson is neutered, up to date on all shots and is very healthy. He weighs about 45 pounds, and is about 20 inches tall at the shoulder. Carson needs to develop some confidence. He is very well socialized with people and dogs, so the potential for him to develop into a great fellow is there. All he needs now is someone to train him and let him learn on his own how great life can be. The pictures really don’t show how handsome he is. He’ll melt your heart when you look in his beautiful hazel eyes, but he’ll warm you right back up again with his love and devotion



March 2006

Carson's success story will be coming soon!


Caron's Angels are Barbie and Fred Ernst




Often we get contacted by someone who would love to have a Border collie as a companion. They would like a dog that likes to sit on their lap, sleep with them and accompany them in their daily activities and to primarily be their pal. Often we can’t offer them a dog like that as Border collies tend to be high energy, need a lot of stimulation and of course need to “ work “ whether as herding, agility, flyball, or therapy dogs.

Bella is such a dog this beautiful three year old female’s favorite thing is to be on her person’s lap or lying next to her person. She walks beautifully on a leash, is house trained and knows sit, stay, and down.

Bella needs a home without other animals or small children. She has been very stressed by events in her life and rather than needing more stimulation she need a calm, predictable environment and to be an only dog. To better understand Bella, here is a bit of her story:

Bella was originally found running loose with another male Border collie. She had obviously been on her own for some time given the state of her coat and her weight. Attempts to find her owner failed and she was brought into rescue-pregnant. After her puppies were raised Bella was placed with a couple where she was happy and her new people were quite pleased with her. Then after a year the couple divorced, and her new mom moved out of state. She found herself having to move in with a relative who would not allow Bella in her home as they had other dogs.

Bella arrived, confused and obviously stressed. She is uncomfortable with her foster moms’ dogs showing some defensive behavior and becomes overly fixated on her cats. Despite the stress she is experiencing she is very cuddly and sticks quite close to her foster mother undoubtedly needing reassurance after the trauma of once again being displaced.

This girl will be a delightful companion in the right home. Again she needs a calm home where she can be with her people (adults or older children) as much as possible. Most of all, this girl deserves a secure and final forever home! The people who can provide that will be rewarded with a beautiful bright, lovable and incredibly loyal addition to their family.


March 2006

Bella was adopted by Derek of Kansas City. Derek hopes Bella will keep him active (you bet) and be a pal to he and his two roommates. This is one of those adoptions where Bella basically said “I choose you” and settled right in. Derek says of Bella: ”Thanks for checking in -Bella is adjusting to her new home well. You were right - she is a cuddle-bug. She is just the kind of dog I was looking and hoping for. We are going to start obedience class soon as well.
Thanks again!

At last Bella is finally home.

Update 9/2006:
Bella is doing great. She has put on a a few pounds and her coat looks great (the groomers have helped out a lot). She had a bit of trouble in July with a bladder infection. After a quick trip to the vet, she recovered quickly and was back to her friendly self in no time. She's even managed to make friends with my neighbor's dog - no small feat for Bella.
She always turns heads on our daily walks/runs as people seem naturally drawn to her markings. I always try to mention BC rescue and how much I like the breed.I'm very happy with Bella, and I think she has settled in nicely with her new family.




Curley, Moe, Larry and Emmy are 4 pups that we recenty brought into foster.

Larry is a very friendly people oriented pup.He loved playing tug and chasing after the ball.He'll make a wonderful family dog,and a great friend.

Larry will be adopted with a neuter contract.


March 2006

Larry's success story will be coming soon!



Curley, Moe, Larry and Emmy are 4 pups that we recenty brought into foster.

Moe is heart stealing cute,in both looks and personality.He's a rollicking clown who loves people and loves to playHe's full of those calender poses,always finding a way to steal the show,always smiling and ready to romp.

Moe will be adopted with a neuter contract.

March 2006


Moe's success story will be coming soon!



Curley, Moe, Larry and Emmy are 4 pups that we recenty brought into foster.

Curley is a very regal boy,reserved but friendly,laid back and quiet.He is always the one sleeping late,eating late,and being cool.He does play ball and tug a little,and will probably become more active as he is adopted.

Curley will be adopted with a neuter contract.

March 2006

Curley's success story will be coming soon!



Curley, Moe, Larry and Emmy are 4 pups that we recenty brought into foster.

Emmy is a darling little girl,very active and alert,she seemed to have the working Border collie personality type.She is very inquisitive, always into everything,trying to find out what her world has to offer.Very affectionate too.

Emmy will be adopted with a spay contract.

March 2006


Emmy's success story will be coming soon!

Gizmo is 2 years old (born on 2-1-04) and weighs about 45 pounds. He was relinquished by his owner who didn't have time for him. He is used to being in the house and around kids. He is very sweet and loves to be with us (he'd be a lap dog if we let him!) He is interested in our cat, but backs off when she hisses and he gently follows her. Gizmo has alot of energy, but is well-mannered. He would benefit from formal obedience training. He is quiet in his crate at night. He is afraid of the lawnmowers--he comes to the door and lets us know he wants in. He greets anyone who comes to the door with a happy tail! He's a sweetie!.

April 2006


Gizmo was adopted by Brian and Laura in Blue Springs, Mo.

Harley is beautiful harlequin faced two year old border collie. She is new into her foster home but has a very sweet disposition. She appears to be house broken and fits right in with her two active male house mates. We’ll have more updates in a few days.

April 2006


Harley, now named Gypsy was adopted by Rebecca in Wichita.

Update on Harley: I chose the name Gypsy because my dad's parents immigrated from Bohemia- land of Gypsies. And, since she was a stray, I thought that she probably had a bit of the wandering of a gypsy in her previous life. I liked Harley but have friends with a daughter by that name.

We are doing great! We're crazy about her!! She is calm and gentle and seems very intelligent. After we got her home Friday, she and I spent 3 hours planting flowers. My other two, a Husky named Badger and a Jack Russell named Rio accepted her right away and made her welcome. My four cats- Hobbes, Mittens, Twister, and Goblin are warming up. She chased Mittens once but I corrected that so she just watches them with great interest but doesn't chase. Unlike Miss Rio, who chases and plays with them all of the time- whether they want her to or not! She learned the place where I keep the plate of canned cat food and managed to get it on the floor so she and Rio could have a feast. I'll have to find a new place to feed the cats their morning treat. She likes burrowing on the couch and tossing the pillows in the air. She even jumped up on the recliner and took a nap with me Saturday afternoon. I am keeping her leashed to Badger when they play outside until she really knows that she is now home and will stay there. She seems to be happy just hanging out with me and follows me throughout the house. She's a very special girl, and although one pet can never replace another, she is helping heal my heart after the loss of my Pags. A huge thanks to all of the angels who brought her into my life- Vicki, Jennifer, Jill, and Melanie who brought her to me!


Rascal is a gentle, playful, and kind describe this gorgeous boy. Three year-old Rascal has been in a number of homes, yet one would never guess it from his engaging and agreeable personality. Rascal’s favorite activities include cuddling, cuddling on the couch, cuddling on the bed, and more cuddling. He also likes to stay active - going for a walk and going to the park make his tail wag and he’d probably excel at agility. He has been tried on herding and was a natural worker. Because of his height (he is approximately 24 inches at the shoulder) and his stunning white markings, he is a beauttiful sight running across the grass. Due to his eagerness to please, he is quickly adding not jumping on people to his list of known commands, which include sit and come. He is also housebroken and crate trained. Rascal’s hobbies include playing with chew toys and squeaky toys as well as playing fetch with a tennis ball. He gets along exceptionally well with other dogs. Rascal does need a house without an electric fence.


April 2006


Rascal kna Gideon was adopted by Caron and Mike Massey and their two sons in Lees Summit Missouri.


Meg is approx 13 months old. She was rescued from the Animal Sheter in Salina about an hour before she was to be euthanized. She is crate trained, and just needs just a little coaxing to get her in. She is small, weighing approximately 33 pounds, and about 20 inches tall. I have no doubt could become a spoiled lap dog if allowed!

She is good with kids . . . loved the young daughter of a friend of ours, and did just fine with their several cats. She'd oesn't really know how to play with toys at this point but with a little practice and showing her what to do, she'll learn!

Meg is definitely focused on cars, even in the house, could see the traffic from the sun room and it held her focus. She will need a home away from heavy traffic and ways to keep her occupied with plenty of excercise and a little training to decrease the desire to "control the cars".

Meg and her new sister, Sophie


April 2006


Meg was adopted by Kevin Sassman and family. Kevin says of Meg:" Meg doing really well with us, I think she is getting morecomfortable at her new home already. We have started some obedience training with her at home and she seems to learn new things pretty fast, she is a smart girl. We will be taking her to the next session of obedience classes at our club next month so that should be fun for all of us. She is getting along great with our IG Sophie, they play well together and have not had any problems. We have some work to do walking on a leash, but that will get better with time and practice. Last Saturday we took her for her first visit to our vet, she got a good check up and we got her chip registered.We are very pleased with how well she has done in the first week with us, she is such a sweet dog and has been very responsive to us."

Update from Meg's Dad 5/06:
Meg is doing great, she has settled in with us very well. She has only had two accidents in the house in the 5 weeks she has been with us, both our fault, we didn't see her go to the door. She and Sophie get along great, Sophie loves having a new sister to play with and Meg keeps a close eye on her. She and Sophie will play with toys together or she will play with them by herself. She will play with the toys a little bit for Sam and myself with a little coaxing.

We started beginners obedience class 3 weeks ago, it is a big class with 16 dogs of all types. Meg was very focused on the other dogs at the beginning but has figured out quickly that when the treats come out it is time to go to work. We have been working on the basics like sit, stay, down and controlled walking. She is progressing nicely and is a quick learner. So far the biggest challenge has been taking her out for a walk, she is very nervous around cars so we are taking that slowly and I think the obedience class will help her overcome that.

I feel like the obedience class is helping us bond together, she has been very affectionate and much more trusting in the last couple of weeks. She will let us touch her feet and clip her nails with out any problem. She didn't like that at first but has learned to trust us and be patient while grooming. She is even better than Sophie who is a wiggle worm when her nails get trimmed.

She made her first visit to her new vet on week 2, she was well behaved and everything checked out good. We registered the microchip that was in her and also got a chip for Sophie.We get so many comments on what a pretty dog she is, with her beautiful red and white coloring she gets a lot of attention at the obedience club, especially from the members who have border collies.

We have been very happy that we adopted Meg from MOKAN, it feels good to give a rescue dog a safe and happy home. It is well worth all the time and effort to add a new member to our family.

Update 2/09

Meg and I have been training in Agility the past year and entered our first competition last September. She got her first 2 legs in the Novice class in both the Standard and Jumpers with Weaves courses. In December we did another trial and completed the Novice class with flying colors, She now has her title in both courses. We are now training for the Open class and are looking forward to our next trial this spring. Meg loves going to agility class each week and we practice in our own back yard as well.
Here are a few recent photo from the agility show.

Thanks, Kevin Sassman

Photo by Kevin Devine Photography

Photo by Kevin Devine Photography

Photo by Kevin Devine Photography



Sydney is a beautiful and very playful girl. She is about 9 months old and 35 pounds. She came from a shelter in Callaway County. We just love this girl! She has so much to give to the right family. She is settling into her foster home very nicely. She loves to play with her foster brother Jax. She would do great in a family with other young dogs. She will need a lot of room to exercise and would be great at agility dog as she is very fast and agile Sydney has a mild interest in our cats, so she would need to be watched around cats until she gets to know them. She is also interested in our horse. She does some barking at him and has run at him at the fence. She loves to give kisses and snuggle on the bed or couch with you. She is always glad to see us. She does jump some, but is getting better when asked. She has not been around any children yet, so I still need to see how that goes. She already knows sit and we are working with her on lay and stay. She likes treats and takes them gently from your hand. Sydney has been "kid tested" and did very well, she'll be ok for a kid home. She is going to make a wonderful addition to a great family.

May 2006


From the moment Sydney came thru the front door, Zag and her have been inseparable. If not harassing me to "throw the ball! throw the ball!" they are chasing, tugging, and chomping on each other. It is hard not to smile when watching them act like happy pups. Any bad day at work i may have melt away because of their antics. Sydney has made raising Zag easier as well. His biting habit has basically vanished. (went excited he'll sometimes chomps.) I will often say Zag is my dog and Sydney is Zag's. I kid around saying "she likes his company more then mine!"

I honestly couldn't ask for a better dog. She is such a sweet girl. I don't think she's met anyone she hasn't liked. She is well behaved around other dogs, cats are another story. She isn't aggressive with them, but does the whole Border Collie stalk thing. My 1st BC would do the same thing. I am taking it as a sign to go check out herding training. I think if she is going to "herd" things, I should learn to control her while doing it. We are also about to begin obedience training. Once she is old enough I plan on training with her in flyball and agility also. She is pretty easy to train. (unless Muk-tuk the cat is around, he's a master distracter)

I am so happy I got to be Sydney's forever home. She has brought so much joy and happiness into my life. I never thought having 2 Border Collies would be so easy! She has definately become a beloved family member. She is such a sweet girl.



Belle is about 1 to 2 yrs of age, spayed, has good manners (unless she is too excited to), knows sit, lie down and is working on stay....which is hard for Belle because she loves her people and wants to be with them. She is crate trained. Belle has a strong herding instinct and would not do well in a home with cats. She is good with other dogs and loves to play with her foster brothers. She especially likes to pretend they are a herd of sheep and gather and drive them, while they play frisbee.

Belle came into rescue from a shelter, where she had been turned over by the brother of the elderly man, who was the love of Belle's life until he died. Belle has no baggage, no horrible past, she doesn't know neglect, starvation or abuse. She very obviously was an elderly gentleman's princess, no doubt spending hours sitting by his side with an aged hand stroking her soft coat.

Belle is very athletic and has beautiful, fluid ovement. She would excel in agility, herding or flyball. But, she would be just as excellent as somebody's princess.


May 2006


Bell was adopted by Terry in Liberty. She has become a neighborhood favorite walking and jogging with Terry. Her vet describes the two as a perfect match!



Jack is 9-10 months old, he's great with cats, the other dogs, all people including kids! He just came into rescue.

May 2006


Jack was adopted by Meg and John who live outside of Liberty. John and Meg previously adopted a female from Mo Kan and have a cat also as part of their family. Meg says "we are all a work in progress."



Gael is around a year and half old, weights 39 pounds and is around 20 inches in height. First of all Gael is quite serious about her petting sessions with humans. So only serious petters need apply! (Stroking a pet does lower blood pressure you know.) She sits leaning against you very quiet and thoughtful but the minute the petting stops that paw starts to go and she pets you! Then the nose redirects the hand to its “correct position”. She loves to lie at your feet while you are reading or watching television not having the usual Border collie need for constant action. She will retrieve a ball and knows sit, lie down, shake and is learning how to walk on a leash. She likes her kennel and will dash into it at top speed to “kennel” up. She is housetrained. Gael is afraid of thunderstorms and needs to be in a safe place like her kennel when a storm is brewing. She gets along fine with cats but not all other dogs.

She was originally found abandoned with a litter of pups and we have wondered if her dislike of other dogs may have come from that time when she had to protect her four babies. We are going to be working with her with a gentle leader around other dogs more to see if we can relieve some of her anxiety about other dogs but her best placement would be as an only dog. Gael is a very affectionate girl; she learns quickly and would make a wonderful addition to the right family.

June 2006


Gael nka Tess was adopted by John and Karen from Lawrence. Gael joins a new cat in their home also.

Update 1/07: She has been a very sweet dog. Very affectionate and playful. We got her a stuffed hedgehog for Christmas and she loves to "squeak" it. I used it to play with her yesterday and she got so worked up she was running circles around the tables and we had to let her outside so she could run it off. She's also discovering "fetch" with the tennis ball but can be easily distracted.

Hope you all are doing well and thanks again for giving us such a sweet dog!



Update: 11/07 Here's the doggie update from Tess (Gael/Sissy).
Sit, come, down (get off me) are all recongized, and occasionally obeyed. Stay, go, fetch are random events, all with laughter. And get off the couch is well understood and done with the sheepish, surly obedience of a teenager.
She and the cat continue to get along very well. Tess even has cat friends in the neighborhood. And one dog friend!!! She continues to be very territorial, and worked up about other dogs. The whistle and the missle do help, and she has less nuclear meltdowns than in the past. Of course we are getting better at directing her energy into either more positive avenues, or at least away from the doggies down the street.
We crate her during the day, but have been letting her out more and more while we're away from the house. Mostly sucessful, only a few items needed to be chewed to check for nutrative value. Today we left her loose in the house all day, very sucessfully. We will move to a new- to- us- house at the end of this month. We plan to repeat this slow procedure at the new place. Slowly slowly.
Things are good. None of us get enough exercise, all of us are slightly broadening across the beam, and none of us seem to care so much. Tess and Jeff snore together during the ritual nap before bedtime. Yup, life is good.
Hope things are well with you all.
-Karen, Jeff, Tess, Kitty

Tess 01/07


Gage has a beautiful face to go along with his wonderful personality. He is approximately 1 year old and 41 pounds. He is a low key border collie that loves to play with his toys, the more squeaks the better. He gets along great with his foster brothers and sisters. Although he loves to doggie wrestle with his foster brother Jax he prefers a little less rough housing. He is very content to be by your side either on the couch or just at your feet. He is quite the lover boy. He does have a mild interest in the cats, so he would need some adjustment time in a home with cats. He knows sit, down, shake and has an excellent recall. Gage would be happiest in a home with other dogs as he does not like to be alone. He has a bit of separation anxiety if left alone without the company of another dog. He likes to go on car rides, but is still a bit nervous. He would probably do best around older children that could play ball and take him on walks. He is very much a people person dog. Do you have the love and time this great dog deserves? Gage would more than return the love 10 fold!

June 2006


Gage was adopted by Henry and Sandy who say of him: "He is a very loving and well behaved dog. Thanks for bringing him our way. He is a keeper!"

Update from Henry and Sandy: Gage is doing well and seems quite happy. He has loosened up a little and plays tugging games with Riley. He is still very submissive but seems very much at home here. He and Riley are gradually becoming buddies.

He also seems very smart and learns quickly. We have been going for walks and he does pretty well and is getting into the routine.

Our two grandsons just loved him (one is in the picture with Gage sacked out). Before they came he didn't like the stairs in our house. They got him doing all kinds of things (all good). We had him in the crate the first couple of nights and since then he sleeps with Riley on the dog bed (or on the kitchen floor) and has been no trouble. He has chewed at least one wicker basket left on the floor but we have been sure keep chew toys handy for him since then (it was no loss).


Henry and Sandy




Everyone who meets Tate remarks on his winning and engaging personality. His motto in life is play, play, play, give love. This happy dog would like to play all day. Tate's favorite toys are tennis balls (he will even throw it for himself) and chew toys. He is just discovering squeaky toys. Tate likes to dump over the toy basket and play with each toy. As a young dog (he is somewhere between one and two years old) he is very curious about everything and thinks the whole world is a dog toy. However, he listens very well and leaves non-dog toy items alone when told to. Although he will play for hours, when Tate is tired he goes in his crate and lies down. Tate is athletic and would likely excel at flyball or agility. This smart boy learned his new name quickly (he was a stray) and in between play bouts is learning basic commands such as sit, down, and come. He is housebroken and crate trained. Tate is still trying to figure out how to play with other dogs, but gets along well with other canines (although he is serious about his food being his). Tate enjoys car rides and is an excellent passenger. At 33 pounds, approximately 18 inches tall at the shoulder, and wagging tail, he is an adorable young boy.

June 2006


Tate was adopted by Gary and Mae Orlich in Independence.


Nick is a people-pleaser and lover, Nick is also a dog’s dog. Nick loves to play with his canine pals and would happily doggie wrestle all day if given the chance. Chew toys and watching outside come in a close second. As an active young border collie (he is about a year old), Nick is craving a job. He’d be thrilled if that job included other animals. Although he has not been formally tested on sheep, Nick shows a strong herding instinct. He is a smart boy and has mastered his new name (he was a stray) in the short time he’s had it and does a good recall. Nick’s current lessons include sit and down which won’t be hard as he’ll do just about anything for praise. Nick soaks up love and he turns on the charm by sitting and silently begging with his soulful brown eyes. Nick is a medium sized border collie weighing in just under 40 pounds. His classic border collie looks make him a handsome boy. Due to his fondness for rabbits and squirrels, Nick needs to be in a home with a tall fence.

July 2006


Nick was adopted by Gary Kircher who reports he is doing well. He plays with Duke (GIANT mastiff/hound dog mix) and has chewed on two tv remotes, a few stuffed animals and other kids toys and a couple of pacifiers. Gary was laughing about all of it so at least Nick isn't in big trouble.

We'd discussed Nick's propensity for taking things and chewing the day we left him. I think they now realize Nick is more resourceful and they are more diligent at keeping things picked up and out of reach.

Gary has had him with the cows. Gary said he was standing at the gate and Nick was sitting beside him just watching. So he opened the gate and Nick went inside, but still was just watching. One of the cows decided to come over and sniff him. Nick moved away and went and sat at the fence and continued to watch. He obviously wasn't sure what to do, but continued to observe. Gary realizes that if Nick gets his courage up his interest level may change.

Gary says Nick stays with them pretty much when they're outside and comes when they call him if he moves too far away. outside unsupervised at all. Gary said he'll start doing obedience with Nick next week He already has Nick bringing his toys back to him when Gary throws them.

It sounds like everyone is settling in and all are happy!

Mike Goes to School...

Mike has started obedience classes. Read what Mike has to say about his learning experience...

Mike is a registered two year old Male Border collie and weighs about 52lbs. He was relinquished by his owners  because they did not feel they could afford to keep him when learning of a new child being on the way. To complicate matters he developed epilepsy and they did not feel they could even afford his regular veterinary care. Mike has been completely medically evaluated and is on medication.

Mike is affectionate loving to be with his people and will even sleep on your bed if allowed but is also content to be in his crate.  He is crazy about the girls in his foster home. He is housetrained, loves children. He gets along famously with other dogs but loves to chase cats who haven't learned the dog secret-never run! So, he would do best in a non-cat home. This boy is truly a gift. His is a happy, good natured guy who only asks to be with his people. He has a big heart. He senses distress in others and wants to heal and comfort if he can. He would make an excellent therapy dog or family member and is not limited at all by his epilepsy.

Epilepsy in dogs can be common and easily managed with medicine. They will require a simple blood test a couple of times a year. To learn more about epilepsy in dogs please visit the Canine Epilepsy Network website. There is a section on living epileptic pet.

Mike wants to be everywhere we are. He draws comfort and gives it by being close or touching you. He will lay on your feet when we sit at the sofa. Or he will sit and lean against your leg, looking up with his soft, brown eyes. He is such a lover and has so much love to give!

Update: Mike has had a few seizures since December. We added a 2nd medicine in January. We are very optimistic that we are on the right track to managing Mike's epilepsy. Through it all, Mike has a wonderful attitude and is just happy to be loved!

Mike is currently on Phenobarbital, costing only $8-$12 a month. He gets it twice a day and happily takes it (especially if it is with a piece of cheese!) He is also on Potassium Bromide which costs $20 a month and is given once a day.

Mike went 4 months without a seizure--and has had 2 a month apart. We are modifying his medicine dosage a bit to see if that helps.



July 2006

Mike was adopted by Joan in Canada! Mike will have fun going to work with her each day and greeting her clients--something he will absolutely love!


Mike's Angel is Richard Kane

Mike's Angels are John and Renna Houghton and Nellie



Marley is approx 4-5 yrs old, 20" at the shoulders and weighs about 45 lbs (but needs to loose a few).

She came from a local shelter after being seized from a house with too many pets. While Marley isn't currently living with cats, she had lived with 60 (yes, 60) in her previous home. Since in foster care she has been around three cats for a short time and did fine. One of them even took a swipe at her and she simply backed up and sat down!

Everything we've seen while in foster care indicates she is a very loving dog. She has a wide toothy grin and is great around people familiar to her as well as strangers. She likes to be petted. She lives with a grade-school age child and likes the attention she gets.

Marley doesn't exhibit the high energy level of a lot of Border collies. She has been given her vaccinations, wormed, HW tested, spayed, put on flea/tick and HW preventative and even had her teeth cleaned : ) She is housetrained and walks nicely on a leash and is learning some basic commands. Marley is a strong alpha female with other dogs, however, and needs to be an only dog in her forever home.




July 2006

Marley was adopted by Charles of Branson, Mo

Update: 12/06: Marley's doing great. So far nothing to complain about at all. Well, except for the part where she thinks my side of the bed is her's to lay and sleep in all day, haha.

We go on our daily walks which she loves. Whenever I mention the word walk she gets excited and jumps around and runs through the house, hehe. She's still not very friendly to other dogs. I have to hold her back somewhat on walks when passing by others, but she is getting to where she's not trying to bolt to them right away. Also, she has gotten used to the neighbour's poodle-spaniel mix. He loves other dogs and ran right up to Marley. She didn't quite know what to make of this little dog coming up right to her, but she behaved herself and hopefully someday they can be friends.

Thank you for everything and take care,




Max is a good looking dog and is about 5 years old.
He loves to play with the tennis ball and is very focused . . . brings it close to you and watches it closely until you pick it up and throw it. He circles around but eventually returns it close to you, and if told, continues to bring it closer. He appears to know "sit" and even raises his paw as if to shake when he sees the treat in your hand. He also picked up the frisbee and seems to know a little about what happens with it, so someone has played with him in the past. He seems to be well socialized with people.

Max has been great in the house and appears to be housebroken. No accidents in his crate, even after left all day while we were at work, nor when out of the crate. He wants to be with his people, and after showing some fear during the storm last night, slept peacefully on the floor beside the bed. (He is also learning that he can't jump on the bed and sleep with us . . . has apparently been allowed to do so in the past!)

He does a nice job on walks with the leash, and hasn't paid any attention to the cat.

He still has some compulsive tendencies, but they are not as bad as they were at first. (circling, pacing, staring at shadows, etc.). His stress level is much better, depending on the situation. He plays with all toys, especially balls, squeaky toys, and kongs. He reacts to loud noises as we found out with Kent working in the garage, me mowing, and of course, the storms. Loves water, but you have to be careful when you water plants around him as he chases the stream of water, even into your plants. I have to have throw a ball to divert his attention from the water. He knows sit and lay down. He isn't the type to run up to people and demand attention, but likes having people around him.



July 2006

Max was adopted by Susan and Brad of Kearney and their two sons. He joins a cat, a rabbit and a bird in a home which is located near a nature trail where they walk Max everyday. Susan says of Max that he is a "wonderful dog who is bonding with everyone in the family especially our two sons." It seems Max doesn't like the boys to fight so will rush to them and try and break up any conflicts! Susan notes a decrease in fighting between them since Max has joined their family. Another fine job by a Border collie!




Zack was brought to a local vet clinic to be put down because his owner no longer wanted to deal with him. Like most border collies, since Zack was left in a yard alone with no job to do he found himself a job- he keeps all birds out of the yard and out of the trees by chasing after them and barking at them. This was the main reason his owner gave for getting rid of him, besides not having time for him. Zack has already been doing less and less of this with some attention and activity to keep his mind and body active.

Zack is about one year old. Although he is not yet housetrained he is a very fast learner and is taking to crate training very easily. He does enjoy being outdoors but is now learning to also be comfortable indoors. While Zack was very recently rescued and his personality is still unfolding, he is very affectionate with men, women and children. He will fetch a ball and loves playing with other dogs. He is cautiously curious about the two cats he has met. Zack would likely thrive in a home with other dogs to play with, but would also probably enjoy the attention of being an only dog.

Update 6/2/06: In a very short time Zack seems to have figured out housetraining on his own. He loves children, but is very gentle and controls his excitement. He enjoys playing with other dogs, but also seems to know when to leave them alone. While he still has playful puppy energy, he is surprisingly calm and relaxed indoors already. He has learned to play with toys and balls



July 2006

Zack's success story will be coming soon!


Flash is an absolutely magnificent six-month old Border Collie. He has wonderful markings and already weighs in at 45 pounds. He is quick to adapt to new surroundings and is displaying his intelligence by gaining mastery of several obedience commands. He has endless enthusiasm and is quick to show love to “his people”. Flash is happy-happy all the time.

Flash is very intelligent and mature for his age. He respects the property boundaries, is house broken and crate trained. We have discovered that he is both treat and praise motivated and is happiest when he is near you. He enjoys his “chew rope” but is not yet displaying interest in balls, Frisbees or retrieval.

Flash plays frequently with our puppy and is respectful of the older dogs. He does well around children and adults that he is meeting for the first time. He comes from herding bloodlines but has had limited exposure to herding. It is possible that he may acclimate to herding or agility but most certainly will be a great companion.


July 2006

Flash's success story will be coming soon!



What's an ideal dog? Most of us would agree that he would be housetrained, would get along well with people and other dogs, and wouldn't eat the house as well as being affectionate. Flint is all of the above and more. First of all he is striking half-white face Border collie, 41 lbs and 20" tall and is about 4 years old. Secondly, he is eager to learn and please and thirdly, he is one of cutest most lovable guys you would ever want to meet.

Flint is one of those rare dogs that enjoys bathing and grooming, and is even tolerant of veterinary visits. He needs no encouragement to go outdoors to potty, (except during lighting storms) and is the perfect gentleman indoors.

He loves fetch, playing with other dogs and cuddling with his people. He is crate trained or would be thrilled to sleep in his people's bed. His experience of being chained outside has left him with little confidence and a fear of thunder storms. So new situations and people frighten him until his foster parents reassure him that all is safe and they aren't going to leave him. Flint just beams from affection since he never received much while on the chain.

His new family will need to help him regain his confidence by exposing him slowly to new situations and people. With their patience, Flint will become as close to an ideal dog as one could find anywhere.


August 2006


Flint was adopted by Troy his brother and parents who live in Kansas City. In addition to attending college Troy works at a doggy daycare center and plans to take Flint with him and also to introduce Flint to agility. What a great place for this guy who started his life at the end of a chain.

Update: 12/2006: Flint is so much fun! We truly enjoy watching him make progress and become more and more social. He's also getting brave and exploring new things around the house (like the Christmas tree, bubble wrap and the ever scary dancing reindeer!). In the pictures he is playing with a stuffed squeek toy that Troy bought him after he blew out the squeeker on the other 2 he had! I have a funny story about Flint I have to share! Troy was visiting K-state for a tour and stayed the night w/a friend, leaving Flint home with us (which we love for him to do!). Anyway, Flint sleeps in his kennel in Troy's room or on Troy's bed. Well about 3am there is this huge jolt on our bed and this obnoxious sqeeking starts...... Flint woke up, couldn't find Troy, came in our bedroom with his "baby" and jumped up on our bed and sat there just looking at us and squeeking that toy wanting to play!! He is such a riot!! Enjoy the pictures! He is getting braver with the camera so I hope to start getting more taken (I'm starting him his own scrapbook!)

Thanks!! Mary



Buddy is a beautiful red-tri easy-care smooth coat 1 yo BC male with ABCA registration papers. He's a very lean 45 pounds and about 21" at the shoulder.

Buddy came from a big farm where he was the only pet. He had some cattle and hogs to talk to, but his owners were elderly and in poor health and couldn't spend enough time with him. Buddy has been in his current foster home for several weeks now where he has become his foster mom's canine shadow in the house. He's always eager to play but will settle down when play time is over and the toys are put way away. He is house broken and crate trained and willingly goes in his crate on command and will remain there quietly.

He is quite intelligent and a skilled escape artist, though, and care has to be taken that the crate is escape proof. Outside he's proven to be an outstanding Frisbee player. He only misses a catch when the throw is feeble. He can jump high and change direction on a dime and is a very strong and incredibly fast swimmer when retrieving his ball or Frisbee from the lake at the park. He has very strong focus and would probably do well at any canine sport: Frisbee, flyball, agility or herding. He's already learned to take agility jumps and run through the crawl tunnel and open tunnel eagerly for a Frisbee toss reward. He gets quite hot while playing and likes to splash in the kiddie pool to cool off. He knows sit and down and will wait politely (although impatiently) at the door while it is opened and until he is released. He stays in the yard unleashed, if supervised, and comes when called. He can easily scale a 4 foot wood or chain link fence, though, if he feels he has to, like if he's being excluded from the fun.

He loves car rides and eagerly jumps in at any opportunity. Buddy is extremely good natured and LOVES everyone and all other dogs. He eagerly approaches strangers with a wildly wagging tail and butt. I've never seen him growl or get upset about anything including me or another dog taking food or toys away from him. He has some impulse control issues when it comes to fetching and tends to snatch at the ball or Frisbee and sometimes misses the toy and gets a finger instead. Until this eagerness is under control, I wouldn't suggest that he play with younger children. Buddy gets along quite well with other dogs in the household and at the park both male & female but thinks cats are squeaky toys that he'd love to chew on.

Buddy is a very energetic, good natured guy who needs lots of daily exercise to be happy and well behaved. If you're interested in a very active housemate or co-worker, then Buddy may be the right dog for you.

August 2006


Buddy has been adopted by Cathy Schlitz to be trained as a Search and Rescue Dog. This is the perfect career for a high drive dog like Buddy who will only be the second MoKan dog( Solo in Wichita being the first.) Congratulations Buddy!

Update: 12/06: Buddy, AKA "Jack Bauer" Is doing GREAT in his FEMA training! I have been very pleased with his progress, we can't do too much in the winter, but this spring and summer he should shine! Cathy

Update: 6/10:

Jac passed his FEMA certification test In May 2010.  Jac is now one of the elite (less than 200 FEMA certified) disaster canines.  Missouri Task Force 1 is proud of their newest USAR dog!  I will keep you updated of any of our deployments .



Beth is a 1-2 yr old female that was abandoned at a farm house along with her 7 puppies and 2 other adult males (Rex & Andy). They were apparently left with no food and had to fend for themselves for at least a month or so. Therefore, Beth is still kinda wiped out from feeding her babies and keeping them alive of which she did a marvelous job. Now she is residing at the Byrne-Fitzwater Spa, enjoying top quality food, Omega 3 fish oil capsules, grooming and had her first luxurious bath in sheeps milk soap with lavender
and pennyroyal :).

When Beth first came to us she seemed a little depressed and slept a lot. She is starting to spring back to life now, bouncing around like a puppy when we get home from work and when she sees those food dishes come out! Ahhhh, this is the life! Beth is still not too sure about crates. She does however, like one of our larger dogs crate in the laundry room...."there is privacy, its right by the food containers, theres a window so I can watch the birds, its got a memory foam mattress, I mean come on, who WOULDN'T like these digs??" "Yeah", says Mick (who's crate she has taken over) "but they're MY digs!!!" So we continue to toss potato chips (maple BBQ....ummmm!!) into her smaller crate at night to get her to go in but she isn't buying it. She wants the luxury suite in the laundry room thank you very much.

Beth is a very gentle dog, she defers to everyone, dog and human, doesn't want to start any trouble. She's no push over though and will stick up for herself when need be. She doesn't demand attention but eagerly accepts it when given and sweetly falls asleep when you brush her. Because of her mild temperament, Beth would be an incredible family dog. She would do fine with children as well as other pets (including cats). She's never met a stranger but also doesn't plow them down or shove a ball in their face :).

Beth is just learning about toys. So far her most exciting discovery has been a large and heavy hollow chew bone...that really hurts when dropped on ones toe. She dances around it, offering play bows and tosses in the air. Ah but the bone is not amused...we'll try to work on balls next.

Well, thats it for now from the Byrne-Fitzwater Spa! Updates to follow so check back soon!


August 2006

Beth (was Pandee)

Beth was adopted by Debby of Lees Summit and her other dog Bear. Beth will also have some cat companions. Beth will get all the affection she needs and is already very happy with Bear. She has missed having another dog to be close too as her foster siblings weren’t as friendly as her two brothers. Bear seems very happy to have a new sister missing his previous doggy companion. Beth is finally home.

From Deb...

Beth is now Bella....Beautiful

And what a difference in two weeks ago. She and Bear run from top floor to bottom non stop. We go on walks every day and every toy in the house belongs to her! Duncan, the cat, is her best friend. They lay together and clean each others faces. We are a VERY happy BCR family! Thank you all again for the gift of this beautiful girl. Thanks So Much!


Update: 12/06: She is the happiest dog in America
Both Cats and Bear adore her. She plays all kinds of games now and has her own dog walker who comes two times a week to help her lose weight with a 30 minute run.

She goes driving in the car with Mom every day and is a great watch dog which please me very much. She guards my baby grandson (sleeps under his crib when he's here) and is very patient and playful with my older grandson.

She is a jewel. An angel sent to us who we love with all our heart. Thank you to everyone who made her coming to us possible I hope you all have a happy and healthy and peaceful holiday season.

Beth, Debbie and Bear - 2006


Rex is a silly, goofy, teddy bear of a dog. One begins to fall in love first with his big adorable face (which is in perfect proportion to his frame as he is 23 inches tall at the shoulder and roughly 55 pounds). However, love is clinched when he dispenses his sweet, slopppy kisses. Rex loves adults, kids, and canines. He grew up with canine siblings and would love to once again have a doggie pal to cuddle with, play with, and just hang out with. Unlike many border collies, Rex is mostly a couch potato. He doesn’t yet know how to play with toys or balls and is not a chewer. He has recently discovered the joys of going for rides. At first he didn’t even want to get close to the car, much less in it; but then he went for a fun ride with a fun destination, and he decided “yippee, rides are fun.” Now he jumps right in the car! Just as he had to learn to enjoy the car, Rex is working hard to learn to be left during the day.

Rex loves his people so much that he hates when they have to leave him. The poor boy has had so many human and canine family members separated from him in his short life that he thinks everyone is abandoning him. However, he is beginning to emerge from his anxiousness when left and is becoming more confident. Love and patient and consistent training from his forever family will help him overcome his fears. Rex is a terrific problem solver (if border collies could be engineers he would) and learns well with food motivation. He is presently mastering sit, down, off, and wait.

Rex did fine during a short introduction to a cat and he his housebroken. Rex is very lithe and would likely be a great agility dog. Rex is a lovable, lower energy dog who desperatley wants a permanent family. He will reward that family with lots of love.



August 2006

Rex was adopted by Ingrid and her daughter Adrien from Springfield Missouri. They report he is settling in well and has become a happy family member!


Andy is the sweetest boy! He loves to be petted and hugged and kissed. He is calm in the house, but when he goes outside, he loves to play with the other dogs. He fit right in with the other dogs within the first couple days. My older BC has taught him to play with a flat ball, his favorite toy which he has never shared with another dog before. Andy has been perfect with the cats, he has no interest in chasing them at all. He likes kids, he will play with my 11 year old, and I'd trust him with younger kids, too. He is very layed back for a BC, interested in what we are doing and wants to hang out be with us.

We have have fostered Andy for a week now and he has not had any accidents in the house, he has learned to go to his crate and to sit, he also walks nice on a leash. He's been out in the yard and shows no sign of wanting to jump out. Although he is interested in them, he is not at all afraid of the mower or vaccume, and he doesn't try to chase them. The vet checked him out, and said he was doing fine except for a slight ear infection. We have been treating that and it looks like it is clearing up nicely. He got his microchip put in and the vet complemented him on how calm and nice he behaved...he said he wished they all acted that well!

We are enjoying having Andy visit and hope he finds an extra nice forever home so hang out with his own family and get all the attention and love he deserves.

August 2006

Andy has been adopted by Terry of Chicago. Terry made the trip down to meet this special boy and it looks like they will make a great team! Any will be Terry’s companion in both Chicago and Wisconsin where Terry has another home. Lots of walks and companionship will be some of his activities. In addition to adopting Any Terry graciously transported a dog for us from Saint Louis which we really appreciate.


Andy and Terry



Faith's story is a hard one to tell with out tears. She was found under a porch with her six puppies who appeared to be about a week old. This was during the period of the summer where the heat was above 100 daily. She was emaciated and was using most of her energy to produce milk. We quickly transported she and her puppies to Kansas City. Faith, in additon to having the ususal worms etc was also heart worm poitive. She is the most wonderful girl and an incredible mother. We were have started her heart worm treatment then she will be spayed. Her treatment will exceed the adoption fee by about $200.

October 2006


Faith nka Aliaya

Faith completed her heart worm treatment and has been adopted by Meg and Jack of Kansas City North. Meg describes her as a “little housekeeper.” She loves to “fold the bedding in her kennel and puts her toys and rawhides away in various places through-out the house. But she didn’t have to leave all of her puppy family as Meg and Jack also adopted one of her pups Petey! The two were overjoyed when reunited at their new home. She truly has evolved from a sad wanderer who had faith and now she is a princess.

Meg, Faith and Pete - 2006


Glenn is kind of a cross between Rosie and Vic. He spends a lot of time playing with Rosie and they sort of look like little twins being the only 2 with the white blaze on their faces. He has a 3/4 collar as well as a white chest, 4 paws and tip of the tail. We are uncertain about his coat type at this time.

October 2006


Rosie and Glenn were adopted by Wes, Pam and Paige Billings of Roeland park Ks. Glenn has been renamed Bartoch by Paige. Wes tells us they have begun realing growing and getting long legs like of Faith's pups. They weighted 18 and 19 lbs when weighed in November. They are active and friendly to everyone and making progress in their obediance and house training and the family is very happy to have them as part of the family.

Glen and Rose

Pete is the smallest of the litter. At 6 wks he is just catching up with the others and he is a little uncertain around boisterous play. He has a full collar, 4 white paws, a white chest and tip of the tail. He appears to be a rough coat.

Update 10/16/06: Petey is fighting for his life against Parvo. Anyone who has meet this little guy has lost their heart to him. His care is very expensive with isolation and intensive care 24 hours a day for the next week. We need help in covering the cost of this treatment and we also need your most positive thoughts and prayers.

October 2006


Petey was adopted by the Meis family who also adopted his mother Faith kna Aliya. He has completey recovered from his bout of Parvo and is a happy healthy pup (although a bit spoiled after his close call!)

Meg, Faith and Petey - 2006


Shep is the biggest of the litter (but Jet is a very close second!). Shep is quiet but playful, seems very confident. His markings include 4 white paws, chest and tip of the tail and a little white on his muzzle and a larger patch of white on the back of his neck/shoulders. We believe he'll be a rough coat.

Grady and Archie - 2006



October 2006


Shep kna Grady was adopted by the Nutzmans.

From the Nutzman's:

Hello to everyone at Border Collie Rescue. Grady is doing great. He is about 25 pounds and has 10 new teeth! His special skills include hunting down bugs and running away when called. We love him. He is learning the rules very quickly. His obedience training is going well. He is very friendly and he loves to play with our other dog, Archie. He is developing some very border collie-like behaviors, such as barking and biting Archie's heels. Too bad we don't have any sheep.

Update 1/08: Grady is the sweetest little dog. He loves to cuddle and nuzzle your face. He is also very athletic. We play ball with him nearly every day. We live on several acres, so we bought a flinger from PetsMart that allows us to chuck the ball much further than we could ever throw it. Grady is a bullet. He does sprints after the ball until he must lay down to rest. Then he is ready to play again. If we do not go outside with him to play, he will often run sprints himself. It is thoroughly entertaining to watch him run as fast as he can in large circles as if on a track. Sometimes he just sprints the fenceline - not to see what's on the otherside, but just to run, concentrating on getting to the top of the hill and then turning back around. He is a lot of fun and a joy to our lives. Thanks MoKan for rescuing him!

Thanks again, Julie

Nov. 2006--waiting to be fed.

Christmas 2007

Rosie is the only female of the litter but has no trouble holding her own with her brothers! She has a double white collar and a white blaze as well as the 4 white paws, chest and tip of the tail. Rosie looks like she'll also be a rough coat.



October 2006


Rosie and Glenn were adopted by Wes, Pam and Paige Billings of Roeland park Ks. Glenn has been renamed Bartoch by Paige. Wes tells us they have begun realing growing and getting long legs like of Faith's pups. They weighted 18 and 19 lbs when weighed in November. They are active and friendly to everyone and making progress in their obediance and house training and the family is very happy to have them as part of the family.

Rose and Glen

Vic is a typical "middle child", he wins some and looses some in the wrestling matches. He has a wavy, what we believe to be, rough coat. He has a small white patch on his neck/shoulders, a white chest, 4 paws and tip of the tail.

Vic and Pete

October 2006


Update: 11/06 Vic is now Murphy and he is doing well. He is very sweet and a smart little guy. Potty training is going well. He now rings the bell to go out but we have a few accidents now and then. Not too frequent. About a month ago he weighed in at approx. 19 lbs. and he is like Pete, he will have to have the more invasive neuter surgery. Sit and stay are pretty good. Come, not so much.

Normally, when we are in the yard he likes to play with his ball or empty milk jugs. He also likes to play with ice cubes. He tosses them around and has a great time with them.

Update 1/07: Happy New Year! I have finally developed Murphy's picutres. He looks a little apprehensive opening his Christmas present but he had a lot of fun tearing into the kids presents. His favorite toy is his rope.

One morning when I was vacuuming, Murphy made himself at home in the tangle of hose!

He is very affectionate and playful and loves walks at the park. We get complements on how cute he is from other walkers.

He is also popular up at school when I pick the kids up. He is really friendly and good with other dogs when I take him to play somewhere (playdates!).

We are very happy to have him.


Update: 11/07: Murphy is doing well. He looks just like his brother that attended the reunion. I know that had to be his brother by the looks of his ears!

We belong to a dog park where he runs quite a bit and plays with other dogs. He is popular there because he has such a sweet personality. He loves to chase tennis and soccer balls. Murphy is about the only dog at the dog park that plays with the rope swing. He hangs from it and swings back and forth!

I hope Jake is doing well. I think of him when I clip Murphy's nails because they are the only 2 dogs I have ever had that hated it so much! Only difference is Jake would get pretty mad and Murphy is just scared.


Blaze is black and white and is 5 yrs old and about 50 lbs. He was an owner relinquish - they were moving from the country to town to a house where they couldn't have dogs.

Blaze is incognito. He has come to us disguised as an Aussie. You see he has a short tail. But we are not fooled because when the ball comes out the transformation happens…ball ball, ball!

Blaze is a delightful boy-full of fun and has never met a stranger. He would make a perfect family dog-he likes kids and boy does he love to play. He is also crate trained, walks well on a leash, and is past that puppy chewing stage. He gets along well with other dogs and will even let puppies climb on his head! We are not sure about cats. He does like to chase squirrels and rabbits so it would probably be best if only humans with dog savvy cats need apply. (Dog savvy cats know the secret-never run and bluff them with a hiss.)

So if you are ready for some fun and a lot of cuddles and kisses Blaze may be your guy!

October 2006


Blaze's was adopted by Jeannie and Tommie of Independence, Mo. (They also adopted Sadie.)

Here is what they have to say about Blaze:

We fell in love with Blaze at Dogtoberfest and adopted him the following week. Blaze is an absolutely wonderful, dog. He loves attention and is full of energy. He doesn’t like agility but will jump over anything if he wants to get on the other side. He loves to play Frisbee. He has successfully finished level one obedience class. We are excited about continuing his training. He gets along with his brother and sisters. He continues to amaze us.


Jake is a special needs dog. He came from a farm situation where he was tied on a chain and then at age 5, was taken to the shelter to be euthanized because he "wouldn't work".

He is a dog that was very anxious to please and made tremendous progress in his foster home only having issues with another alpha male in the home.

He had difficulty when being placed with a family with children then with a second family where some typical territorial issues arose with their other dog (female). They did not feel able to handle this.

Jake is a sensitive dog and his recent experiences and moves have had taken a toll on him. At this point he is depressed and withdrawn and will need some time in foster care to rehabilitate. Jake needs a home without children and possibly without other dogs. He needs a gentle individual or family that can help bring back his endearing and biddable personality.

Jake is housetrained, quiet in the house and has no destructive habits. He is not a ball crazy Border collie and would be happy being a companion dog who took daily walks with his people. He will need patience, consistency and gentleness but the reward will be a dog who will always be grateful and therefore quite loyal.



October 2006


Jake's success story will be coming soon!



Brandy is the sweetest little doll you will ever meet. She is approximately 5 to 6 years old and very petite (16 inches and 26 pounds). Everyone she meets comments on how cute she is. Brandy also has wonderful personality. She is very calm, loves nothing better than being petted and can’t wait to go on a car ride with you. When she came into foster she was extremely matted. I have spent hours brushing out the mats and she never protested at all.

Previously Brandy lived with a six year old boy and she has been wonderful around my six year daughter. She has made friends with my three dogs, which is quite an accomplishment since our old cranky female terrier tends to hate all fosters. Brandy is housebroken, does not jump on you or the furniture, does not pull on a leash, and has been trustworthy lose in our house at night without being crated. What more could you ask for!

Brandy adapted quickly to our underground fence. Her previous owners said she was fine around cats but I have not had an opportunity to test her yet. Brandy has been spayed, vaccinated and is heartworm negative. She is not interested in toys but loves treats and we have started teaching her basic obedience commands using treats as a reward. Brandy is a quick study.

If you are looking for one of those ball crazy, high energy border collies Brandy is not the dog for you. However, if you are looking for a wonderful, intelligent companion who will quickly become your best friend, Brandy is the dog for you.


October 2006


From Brandy's new family (11/06): We are so very happy with Brandy. She was an already near perfect dog! She has and will continue to make us very happy. Brandy loves hugs and loving. Brandy gets along so so with her new brother Charlie Boy! He loves to be chased and Brandy loves to chase him. Brandy has been completely trust worthy in our home at night and left alone. Brandy's description on the MOKAN web site was accurate... she LOVES and I do mean LOVES to go for a ride in the vehicle.

Brandy is loving and patient with our two children. My three year old (Megan) can hug on Brandy and she don't get aggravated. Brandy has made my husband very happy. He is already completely in love. I can tell that Brandy is the type of dog that will do what ever it takes to please her human companions. Brandy is the BEST DOG! she is more than that.... she has found a permanent place in this family. We only hope we can make the rest of Brandy's life as happy as she has now made ours.


Gary, Kristen, Savannah and Megan Tate
also Charlie Boy

Mandy is a four year old spayed female Border Collie, that was released to Rescue by her owner. He felt he no longer had time for her. A plump little girl, whose tail was matted beyond repair, Mandy is a loving, playful girl, who will do anything for a ball...ANY ball!

Apparently housebroken, Mandy has fit right in with the crew here, and gets along well with my cats. I think if a cat would run, she would give chase, but I don't think it's with serious intent..it's just fun!!!

Mandy knows how to throw a ball back to you, and will give you tennis elbow by the time she is tired. She has wonderful herding instinct, when presented to stock, but it's obvious she was "shut down" quite a bit, and lacks the confidence at this time to move sheep around. She seemed to enjoy the agility equipment, esp since her reward was not only her ball...but FOOD!

I feel she would do well with children, and would keep them entertained for hours with her ball! (She sure kept my husband busy for 30 mintues the first night she was here, and he never had to leave his recliner!!).

October 2006


Mandy's success story will be coming soon!


Hannah is about 10 months old and weighs approx 30 lbs. What fun she is!! Her favorite toy is a plastic Folgers coffe container, that she carries around and flips into the air, and catches! She loves the doggie swimming pool, and loves to play "catch me if you can" with the rest of the canine crew here!

Hannah has learned that large yellow cats have claw that hurt, and is pretty sure little grey kitties do too, and will inch her way around the cats. She knows come and sit, and is crate trained. When I'm working in the office, she will crash on the floor with the big dogs...and then sneak off to get a toy to play with. She has learned that there are plenty of toys around here, and she doesn't need to worry about not having one!

Our shorthaired little Hannah needs a very active family. I can see Hannan working stock, playing flyball, or potentially doing agility.

Update 09-14-06:
Hannah is up for anything! We have found out that she loves water, people, playing with other dogs, fetch etc. She is now house trained and has learned some beginning obedience. She would be a grand agility dog, would, we think, excel at flyball and has been tested on sheep and seems to think herding would be a blast! She has learned to respect cats and would do fine with older children but has too much energy for the smaller ones. Hannah needs an active home with people who are as interested in having fun as she is.

Update 10-16-06: What a love this dog is! She adores attention, and is quite the snuggle bug! But if she isn't snuggling, she's moving! We have taken her to sheep, which she thought was lots of fun, but she loves agility! An agility trainer friend has fallen in love with her!

Hannah also loves balls, and might make a flyball dog! She would also make a great butterfly chasing dog...IF there was a sport for that!!

Hannah would do best in an active family with a sport in mind!

Hannah in July 2007

November 2006


Update: 11/29/2006

Hey everyone!
I have been at my new house for 1 week and 4 days now. I did great in the car on the way to my new home. It was a 3 hour trip but my new mom stopped a lot to make sure I could stretch my legs often. I was a little nervous when I first got home. There were 2 dogs and a cat ready to greet me. There is a big dog like me named Red and a little dog named Bruiser.
Red and I got along immediately and we really haven't stopped playing together since. I have learned that there are always plenty of babies to play with and I don't have to growl at Red when I have one. In fact when he tries to take my baby I just turn it into an endless game of tug. It's a lot of fun! If Red has a baby I want I just run up to him really fast and he usually drops it. I will pick it up and I love it when Red tries to chase me.

One of my favorite things to do is wake Dad up in the morning. Mom tells me to jump on the bed and I get to lay on top of Dad until he wakes up and pets me.

I don't have to stay in my kennel at night. Mom lets me sleep on my own bed which is right next to hers. Sometimes in the middle of the night I sneak onto mom and dad's bed and curl up at their feet. They don't mind.
I am still eating in my kennel because I am not sure about other dogs around my food. I growl a little bit and Red and Bruiser just look at me funny.

Mom says that I get to start training in December and agility in January.
I can't wait! I love working for treats and I am anxious to learn. So far I know sit and down with the words or hand signals and I have learned to jump into mom's arms but only when she asks me to.

I love playing with my Kong toy and there are a couple of squeaky toys that I am especially fond of. There is this one called Hide-A-Squirrell.
It is a tree trunk with these little squeaky squirrels that can be stuffed in it. I love pulling all of the squirrels out and carrying the tree around. I toss it in the air and catch it.

When we go on walks I like to chase the leaves that seem to be everywhere right now. Red doesn't chase leaves so he just watches me when I go after one. I have met a lot of other friends. Our trainer is Stasi with ABC pet training and she has a border collie named Shasta. I got to visit with Shasta the other day and we had a lot of fun. My mom says that next week I get to go and visit Bruiser's agility class because there is a MO KAN border collie rescue there. Her name is Penny and I am sure that she will be nice.

One day I got to go to work with mom and meet all of the people there. It was really exciting. Everyone thought that I was absolutely adorable. I did really good and when I saw a new person I went charging up to them like I was going to jump in their arms but then I would slide into a sit at the very last second. Everyone thought that was funny!

I have been really busy but I will send everyone some more updates and pictures soon!

Update July 2007

All is well, Hannah is great and we love her so much. She makes everything very interesting and seems to be well-adjusted. She is getting her pictures professionally taken tomorrow by The Picture People and is still enrolled in agility, obedience, and now canine freestyle classes (dance class for dogs). She loves it all. She is a very busy little girl and I don’t think she would have it any other way.

As you will notice from the pictures she has taken very nicely to being able to sleep in the “people bed.” Although she has her own memory foam bed next to ours she prefers to be as close to us as possible.

She is truly a joy and we wouldn’t change anything about her.

Brian & Candace

Jet is the most adventurous and assertive pup at this stage. This spunky little fellow might need a confident human to keep up with him. He has a little white spot on his neck and some on his muzzle and also has 4 white paws and tip of the tail. Its hard to determine what coat type Jet will have at this point.

November 2006


Jet was adopted by the Hyekim family of Overland Park. They tell us that Jet is lovable and friendly and they would especially like to thank his foster family for the training they gave him.



This little girl has it all - personality, looks, smarts, and athleticism. A former working dog, Liz would like a home with a soft sofa and lots of toys (squeaky toys, chew toys, and balls.) Top on her list is a family she can dispense lots of love to. Gentle kisses are Liz’s specialty. Her tail forever wagging, Liz seeks out and soaks up attention - especially petting. Liz ‘s gentleness extends to children and other dogs (cats aren’t on her list, however.)

Not a complete softy, Liz also takes time to play everyday. She likes quick ball games and is great at bringing the ball back. Liz acts much younger than her five years except when it comes to obedience. She is very responsive to come and sit and is agreeable to having something taken away from her. Liz is crate trained and house trained. Liz’s gentle personality fits her frame - she is approximately 17 inches at the shoulder and 30ish toned pounds. She’s a happy little girl who wants to share her love.


November 2006


Liz was adopted by David. Here is what David has to say:

Liz is doing very well. She is my buddy we go every where together. She gets alone good at my friends houses even if they have cats. She doesn't like the cats but she doesn't chase them as well.  I need to take some pics of her. Maybe I will do that today. She has quiet the personallity and everyone loves her.   I think she is having alot of fun here my daughter comes over alot more too.  Her and her friends take the dogs for walks almost every day. Liz has a blast with the other dogs. One is a 1 year old yellow lab the other is a 6 mounth old cocapue. We turn them loose it trhe back yard and they go nuts chasing each other.   Thanks again!



Read details about Jacks' surgery and how you can help..

Jack is a tricolor Australian Shepard who is less than two years old. He came to us with a badly broken leg than had to be amputated. He has done well with this and flies around as though he still has four legs. At our recent reunion he kept up with all the four legged border collies!

Jack may just be one of the sweetest dogs who have passed through my house. We recently had some puppies and Jack appointed himself as their guardian. He reminded me of Nana in Peter Pan. He let them climb all over him and lead the way for potty time and also played up a storm with them which was a real help as our own dogs were not at all impressed with the puppies. He gets along with cats, other dogs and of course people although he is initially shy with some men which quickly passes.

Jack is house trained and very obedient. His heart is broken if he thinks you are displeased with him. He LOVES to cuddle and to curl up with his Nylabone as well as playing with our dogs. He hasn't learned to play fetch BUT has his own game of throwing the ball down the stairs and then chasing it. He does very well with gentle children and would love to curl up on the bottom of the bed with either adults or children.

Jack has also won the heart of our youngest female, Nora. She's a pretty tough nut to crack and he has her wrapped around his little paw! They play and play and then he relaxes while she gently cleans his face and ears, obviously enjoying every minute of it. Ah...young love :)!

Basically, this guy is the ideal family dog. He is lovable, gentle and just loves being part of a family. Everyone who has met Jack has fallen in love with him! In addition to being a wonderful family dog he would make a great therapy dog with his gentle disposition and his cheerful acceptance of his " disability".


November 2006

This wonderful guy was adopted by one of the founder's of Mokan-Kathy and her daughter Abby and their other dog Petey. Abby tells us that Jack is her dog and they do seem to have a special bond. Jack and Petey have become fast friends (no easy feat with Petey!)and he is also pals with Kathy's parents. Kathy would like to Jack involved in therapy work and he would be wonderful at it!



Angel Jack's Angels are Joni and Alan

Wren was dumped in the country up East of St. Joe. She was thin and wasn’t using her left hind leg. After a trip to the vet, we found out that Wren had worms and an injury to her Achilles tendon. We were worried at first, but after taking her to an orthopedic vet, we found that she would probably heal fine with rest. This has proved true; she no longer limps and she runs like a deer, in spite of not being able to enforce the resting part…she doesn’t like to rest.

At first, she didn’t seem to know how to play, but she has learned to chase a tennis ball or stick. She LOVES her Frisbee, though. She tries very hard to jump up and catch it, and with practice has gotten better at it. She’s not too good at bringing it back yet, but she’s learning. When she’s outside, she loves to play with our dogs. She drags them around even though they are about twice as big as she is. She will also entertain herself by bouncing a tennis ball on the patio and chasing it. She tries that inside, too, and seems disappointed that it won’t bounce on the carpet.

We are guessing that Wren is about a year old. She weighs 22 pounds and is very slim with long legs. A friend of mine said she looks like a dog version Barbie. Wren was very shy at first with people. She would only come up to my son. We have had her about 2 months, and she has warmed up to us and will let us pet her. She is still a little uneasy if you reach out towards her collar, like you may grab her. She has been around strangers a couple times lately and has let them pet her. She gets along fine with all of our other animals. She will chase cats if they run, but will leave them alone when she catches up to them. She has not had any accidents at all in the house and is crate trained. Kids are not a problem, she is fine with our 11 year old, and I think would be fine with younger children, too.

Wren is a very smart, and pays close attention to everything going on around her. She learns very fast from what we tell her and also by observing our dogs. She is not aggressive to other dogs, but she is active and plays hard with them. I think she’d do best in a home with another young, active dog to play with. Because of her past leg injury, we try not to play frisbee or any activity that she has to jump for very long at one time so she doesn’t re-injure it.


November 2006


Wren was adopted by Paul and Beck Erasmus in Sain Louis. They say of Waren:

"Wren seems to be having a great time. We have a milk crate with stuffed toys etc, and she goes over and pulls some out to play with. We have a few with long arms and legs that she likes to swing about. She is enjoying the yard as the pool, trees and bushes provide things to run around and she chases and is chased by the other two, as well as squirrels and rabbits to chase. She is getting used to having her feet wiped when she comes in and does comes in easily when called. Becky went into our bedroom the other day and said that Gwynedd and Wren were sleeping on the same dog bed. She likes the dog chews that are out, especially the big one that she likes to pick up and drop on the hardwood floor up stairs. She is not sure about the milkbone biscuits and we have to play a bit to get her to eat them. She is eating well and drinks a lot. She is also learning to brush her teeth but that is taking a bit longer.

Angel Wren's Angel is Cindy Richmond

Meet Ben! Ben is just 10 months, maybe a little older BC boy with freckles. An adorable guy who loves to play with other dogs and run!

Well, Mr. Ben has come out of his shell in the last week or so!

He's learned to play rough and tumble with one of my dogs. They spend a majority of the time play growling, dragging each other around, and wrestling! He also knows how to entertain himself with his toys, bones, Kongs are some of his favorites.

He has also learned that chasing the calico kitty doesn't get him very far, but chasing the tabby cats does... They RUN! The blessing is that he calls off very easily mid chase. He's getting better at ignoring the tabbies....

He's has gotten better about the vaccum. He will now stay in the room when I move it, or run it, but he'd rather hide. Which is fine, but he no longer goes running from the room! So he is making progress!
He LOVES to cuddle on the couch with you at night and is perfectly content to roll over on his back and have you rub his belly while laying on you and moan the entire time you are rubbing his belly. Silly dog.
He has a bit more energy than what I thought at first, but does settle down easily. He's coming along nicely and is waiting for the perfect home!

Ben is crate trained and looking for a home that wants a dog that has energy but wouldn't mind a dog that loves being a couch potato too!

December 2006


Ben was adopted by Nancy, Larry and Hannah of Stilwell, Ks. Ben will be enjoying 5 acres! More soon on Ben's new family!

Angel Ben's Angel is Elizabeth Burns adoptor of Finn


Sadie is a sweet little Red/White young lady, just out of a no-kill shelter that realized she needed more attention that she could give.Ms. Sadie is getting braver and braver...she will now come into the office and lay down with the "big dogs", rather than standing or laying in the hall. That was a big accomplishment for her!

I was told she knew sit and down, but I suspect it wasn't done with her very often. Today, however, we had a brief training session, and she will work for food!!! She went from just staring at me, to planting her little red rearend on the ground quickly for a small treat! "Down" was a bit slower, but I do think she will pick it all up quickly!

Sadie has started playing with my other dogs, and typical Border Collie, is trying to herd them. She takes "discipline" from the other dogs very well, but has learned to stand her ground with my foster Golden, Sara...who can be a lot pushy! I did look out the other day, to see Sara and Sadie playing tug a way with a toy...I think Sadie is good for Sara!

I'm pleased to see Sadie gain more confidence in the short time she has been here!

December 2006


Sadie's was adopted by Jeannie and Tommie of Independence, MO. (They also adopted Blaze.)

Here is what they have to say: She couldn’t have been a better fit for our family. Mickey and her are best buds! She is full of energy but also loves to sit in your lap and get attention. Sadi took obedience class with Blaze and did really well. We can’t wait for the weather to change so we can start working on agility. It is amazing how she has come out of her shell. She loves to play with her brothers and sister. It’s almost as if she had to learn that playing was ok.

Sadie and Mikey

Sampson is a little ball of fire and is cute as can be. He is waiting for a family of his own to love him. That won’t be hard as he has already stolen our hearts and he has only been with us a few days. He is 14 weeks old (November 25, 2006) and is a purebred Border Collie puppy. His mother is Sheba who will soon be up for adoption along with his brother, Shiloh. While Sheba is an average size border collie, his father is a fairly large rough coated Border Collie and it is believed that Sampson will also be fairly large (he is already 20 pounds and has very large feet). It is believed he will be rough coated with some waves in his coat. He has traditional Border Collie markings with a blaze down his face, a white collar around his neck, four white feet, and a white tip on his tail.

Sampson loves everyone and his favorite activity is having his belly rubbed. He wants to be with his family at all times. We are working with him on learning to stay in his crate quietly without having someone in the room with him. His original family had children and he is being fostered in home that has a 6 year old and two teenagers. While he loves kids it would be best if he was not adopted to a family with young children (under 6) as he would be too rambunctious for young children.

Sampson loves to romp with the foster families’ own dogs and he would love to go to a family with another dog to play with as long as the other dog is tolerant of his puppyish ways. He chases balls and toys with enthusiasm and we are working with him on bringing them back to us. Although we have had him only a few days he has already learned “sit” and is doing great with his house training provided you take him out fairly often.

He has had his first set of shots and will have another set in two weeks. The vet says it would be best to wait and neuter him at 5 months of age so if he is adopted before then his adoptive family will need to enter into a neuter contract.



December 2006


Sampson was adopted by the McLineey family. He has two boys Max and Ford to play with as well as their dad Joey.

Joey says of Sampson:
" Max has a best friend. Sampson, his current name, is getting along with Jenny, who loves the dog with the passing interest of a 16 year old girl.
Ford arrives back on the 3rd. I'm very excited about those two. I've no worry they will be fast friends. Sampson is doing very well with a leash, very well in the house with a ball, but terrible if we are in the park. Very distracted. I'm assuming this will change as time goes on.

Today we met the duck and geese at the park. Sam was very, very shy, but by the time we went around once, he was pretty comfortable.

No accidents. Max has had the flu for the last 3 days, and the dog has slept next to him, without much demand for attention for the 3 days.

While he is mellow, he does have a spark. When Max runs through the house, Sam is close at hand.

Soon I'll be moving him to Frisbees--no jumping, just retrieving.


December 2006


Ellie was adopted by a new Mo-Kan volunteer, Kim Collins. Kim really intended on fostering several border collies before picking one to adopt, but Ellie won her heart almost immediately. Ellie is a very sweet girl and is adapting to home life well.

Ellie came from a farm near Columbia, MO where she had several litters of puppies, including the Mo-Kan dogs, Mac and Sampson. She still feels right at home out at the farm, though. She's learning to play well with other dogs on the farm and LOVES the sheep. She still has no interest in toys, but loves to cuddle on the couch and likes to be groomed and loved. The couch is clearly her favorite spot to be and you often have to remind her that she has to SHARE the couch, as there is only one.

Ellie is learning some basic obedience commands, although still has yet to attend a formal class. Her level of confidence is increasing and her energy level has increased now that she's feeling better. And although she was initially terrified to ride in the car, it is now one of her favorite things to do, as checking out new parks, or going to visit dogs or sheep is usually involved!


What's an ideal dog? Most of us would agree that she would be housetrained, would get along well with people and other dogs, and wouldn't eat the house as well as being affectionate. Cindy is all of the above and more. Cindy is a beautiful red and white tri-color border collie with some light brown markings. She is slightly smaller than an average bc about 33 lbs and is about 1-2 years old. She was a stray taken into a home near Rolla while there she did have some issues with a cat so she would need to go to a dog only home.

Cindy gets along well with her foster brother and sister very well though. She is a little reserved at first with other dogs but loves to meet new people. She will actually take her nose and flip you hand up so you can pet her. She has been a perfect lady in the house and is house broken and will she is crate trained. Cindy likes to sit with her people on the couch and receive attention. She is fairly calm for a border collie and is content to just sit near you and watch tv. We are still teaching her to play with toys which is a new experience for a stray. She walks great on a leash and when I took her to the offleash park to run around she stayed within 20 yards of me at all times and has become attached to her people quickly but doesn't require attention all the time. Cindy would be a keeper if I didn't already have the doggie limit in my city.

If Cindy sounds like a match for you act quick because a dog this perfect will find a forever home soon!

December 2006


Cindy's was adopted by Arron and Tonya in Olathe, KS.



Mac is Ellie's puppy and Sampson's brother.

Mac is such a sweet boy, and cute, too! He's learning potty training quickly; he is learning to play with the other dogs and not eat their food; and he already knew how to snuggle. He's a great guy...he can play and be very energetic, but can lay on the couch with you and chew a toy calmly (well calm for a puppy anyway). He's a real people puppy...he loves to be next to us and sit by us to snuggle, but he also likes the other dogs. He is respectful, but curious with the cats.

Mac is about 14 weeks old and a sturdy 22 pounds. He's going to be big for a Border Collie, he has big feet and legs that he has not grown into yet. You can tell that he is Ellie's puppy, he is marked just like her and he has the same face and beautiful eyes. He's been great with my son, who is 11...he likes to roll on the floor and play with him. He was raised with children and you can tell he is used to being held and played with. He is teething, so he likes to chew on everything right now...but will "leave it" if we tell him to. He has such a sweet, expressive face and makes good eye contact, he is learning things quickly. We have never had a puppy, and I am amazed at how fast he has caught on to things. He stays quiet in his crate overnight, and keeps his crate clean. He will whine a little if we are in the room and he's in the crate and wants out (like while we are eating).

Mac will make a great family dog. He doesn't seem like he is going to have over-the-top energy like some BC's, and he is very social and people oriented. He is intellegent and wants to please so he will be fun to train. Mac will be adopted with a neuter contract.

December 2006


Mac was adopted by Traci Scott MCKown and their 5 year old triplets-yes triplets! They say of Mac "Mac is doing great! He seems to have settled right in already! He whined a bit the first night in his crate, but we used the squirt bottle trick you told us about and it only took 5 or 6 to quiet him down. The second night, we only got a whimper for about 5 to 10 seconds and he settled down on his own, and last night he didn't make a sound! Just settled in and went to sleep!

He's using the side yard already on his own, even if we don't lead him there on the leash, so he's taken to that quite quickly! And he's doing great with the kids. Isn't really jumping up on them, and the few times he has, we've told them to say "off" and he generally gets right down! We took him on his first walk yesterday and the kids have plans to walk him to the park today still! They are just loving him -- each took pictures of him to school today to show their friends! And I surprised them and brought Mac with me to pick them up yesterday and they thought that was pretty cool!

We've affectionately nick-named him Macaroni already! He's been responding to Mac really well with us so we're going to leave it that. Besides, we thought if things continued to go well, maybe we'd get a second dog and name it Cheese! Ha!

About the only negative side effect we've had is that Scott and I walk around the house humming "Mac the Knife" constantly! We are stuck humming because neither of us knows the words oh well."

Update 2/07: Mac is doing awesome! He's truly a great dog, and we couldn't have gotten a better dog for the kids! He loves them and they love him -- it's a perfect match! He's learning everything VERY fast! He knows our whole routine. He stops at the top of the stairs in the morning and waits for me to turn off our alarm before heading to the back door to go out. He heads right to the van because he wants to ride along to pick up the kids from preschool each day. He knows sit, lay down, and stay quite well already. We're working on roll over.

Mac and Ell at the 2007 reunion.



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